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Techcrunch suffers Mybloglog spam

As I said in an earlier post, Mybloglog spam is too easy and too worthwhile.

SEO solo has an article about how he set up a spam experiment.

Simply buy opening a new acount, seeting his Opera browser to refreash every minute, he opens 20 top blogs that display members avatars and lets it run. He notes that he received a lot of contacts and traffic for the website he listed on the fake account spiked whils the experiment was running.

First, good job on making this public SoloSEO and not trying to benefit from it.

Of course you can ban members pictures popping up on your blog, but who has the time to monitor these things.

It should be easy to fixe, anyone staying on a blog for over an hour refreashing the page every 60 secs is easy to spot. But what if someone makes a script that varies the refreash rate and randomises the top 100 blogs.

Techcrunch talks about it from their point of view from the victim of spam.

You can vote for all three stories at a social bookmarking site about social media

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No it’s not, I linked to the articles that inspired it.

I guess you need to find a more effective way to market yourself 😉

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