Content Coaching for Content Creators

Boost creativuty

Boost the quality of your content production by getting a creativity boost.

I offer creative help which will address your creative content needs and give you an edge when it comes to content publishing and content marketing.

Who is this for?

Digital agencies who have multiple clients and need a constant, fresh flow of content ideas and methods of implementation and in-house content developers who need to crank out extremely attractive content.

What does it do?

It enables digital agencies to access more creative ideas for content and headlines, which will free up time and resources. It gives you a new and fresh content direction to fulfill your brief, with actionable, quick and easy tips and advice which you can employ straight away.

How does it do this?

I am available though most of the working day to provide help and advice regarding content over Skype, email… etc. Providing you with quick solutions to thorny problems. Tricky bit of content with a weak headline, ping me for quick feedback and it will be given.

What does the service include?

The monthly service covers the following:

  • Unique and actionable content ideas, based on a variety of hooks and themes
  • Headline ideas in real time, over social media, email, Skype etc.
  • Content production ideas which fulfil best practice
  • Content creation ideas that fit with your brand image
  • Actionable Newsjacking ideas that are current
  • 1 Hour Skype voice chat and screenshare discussing content ideas per month
  • Tribe optimisation, a look at the client’s tribe and overlapping tribes, which show potential content possibilities
  • All subscribers get 1 hour consultation each month to learn about specific needs.

Currently this package is limited to 10 spots due to time and desire to keep the quality high.

How can I book my spot?

Create the Paypal subscription below and enter your details.
Contact to inform of sign up and the arrangement of initial Skype chat whilst your account is set up.

How does this work?

A common form of communication is agreed upon:

  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Skype

This is to allow you to contact in the most efficient manner. Sometimes a quick headline idea over Twitter is all that is needed, or a Skype, text chat back and forth to generate multiple ideas and identify areas of possibility. An email request for help is also offered, this allows for a more thoughtful, complete response.

Get fresh newsjacking alerts sent straight to your inbox, this will give you newsjacking possibilities that are time sensitive and need to be acted upon quickly. You can see an example of this in the Bongo Bongo Land, newsjacking.

For more information about this consultation package, contact

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