Content Marketing

9 Keys to Effective Content Marketing


1. Content has to have passion

2. Content should have a compounding interest effect

3. Content should be seen as a long term asset

4. Content should inform the reader of how to feel about your brand

5. Content creation should involve building a network of fans

6. Content should deliver a measurable and effective ROI

7. Content should be unique

8. Content should resonate with the targeted reader

9. All content should be part of a strategic content plan

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2 replies on “9 Keys to Effective Content Marketing”

@Zuan To answer that question I would ask you to view it not as content, but as a piece of communication. Then ask, does citing authority bloggers who put forward reasoned arguments improve the communication or distract from it.

If you approach creating communication to simply game a Google Bot, then probably not, but if you are presenting a thought, and then citing references, maybe that improves the communication and delivers the point succinctly.

Most people do not want their time wasted with waffle and uber long posts simply designed to catch the long tail.

I will always strive to make my point using as few words as possible and to tap into the wisdom that exists within the space and link to it.

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