The Truth behind Crooked Trump and Crooked Hillary and Crooked Socrates

Crooked trump crooked hillary

Gasp! This chart clearly shows that Hillary Clinton is a crook.

Of course that is the dumbass way of looking at this chart, once you go deep into the reasons of this chart you find out something else is going on.

What this chart represents is the power of political spin.

If you are not fascinated how information is used to communicate and persuade, then you probably should not be a content marketer. Communication and persuasion is the essence of content marketing. As to the veracity of whether Trump or Hillary are crooks or not is beyond the scope of this blog and I shall leave it to you to work out on your own.

But, true or not. The power behind this tactic is self evident. News media is talking about it. Social media is talking about it and now I am talking about it.

Just for fun, let’s add a serious but boring issue, such as the “balance of payments”, for the United States only.


And if you are thinking that this type of debate is new, it’s been going on since the time of Socrates and I would love to have the time to detail the insults that were traded on the floor of the Roman Senate, but I don’t.

I shall leave you with this quote, When Mahatma Gandhi was asked, “What do you think of Western Civilisation?” He replied.
“I think it would be a good thing.”

It’s all about the nuance.

How do I write the best Headlines for my Blog?

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If you have been scratching your head or other parts of your body that we must mention, in trying to come up with fresh and fruity headlines, this book is for you.

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Incongruous Juxtaposition of the Seemingly Unrelated

seemingly unrelated

I’m writing a book, it’s nearly finished too.

Perhaps even this weekend.

But just a quick thought.

I’ve written about the phrase, “incongruous juxtaposition of the seemingly unrelated”, which I think is a wonderful sentence and makes you appear dead brainy at parties.

The first time I heard this was when John Carlton was talking with Michael Fortin about a the success of a headline that talked about the success of a one legged golfer. They talk about

how a good A good hook grabs your readers “by the eyeballs.”

It’s a great read, go read it.

I apply the same methodology to a lot of the headlines I create and when I mentor people to build content I teach them this method. Of course it’s not as simple as randomly picking the words that fit the parameters. They have to work, they have to tell a story, it has to seed the mind and move people forward.

The next step is of course to destroy trees, and I can’t remember who said that. It may have been Gary Halbert, apologies regarding my feeble research. But this phrase was about when we used to put pen to paper. Now you simply destroy a few keyboards, the point being you have to graft and lay the bricks when creating this stuff.

Only way it’s going to build is if you lay the brick.

The phrase of course speaks for itself, it’s what the great headlines have. That friction, that orbit of two or more bodies.

A great headline is a work of art.

Art born of sweat.

OK, back to the book. Hopefully it will be out soon.

Image source

Killer Royal Baby Headline Ideas

Image source

You may be sick of Royal Baby news, some were sick before the first media pundit uttered that the “atmosphere was palpable”.

A linkbaiter is indifferent to the emotion (or tries to be) of such news events as they are dealers, not users. They see news events as opportunities to squeeze out a few more links, craft some killer headlines.

The linkbaiter goes where the conversation goes and yesterday we know where the conversation was. Even the haters were talking about it, talking about how much they hated it sure, but that still adds to the conversation and the heat of the story.

A healthy baby being born is good news, and lets not forget that 2,200 other babies were born yesterday. Although individually not such a media news event.

With that in mind lets look at some headlines around those who were not so happy yesterday.

Note: where I write “10” you can insert any number that works.

10 Best Baby Hater Quotes from Twitter
10 Top mental Royal baby fans
10 Stupid things said by media pundits
10 Stupid things said by Twitter
Spot the media pundit who really doesn’t want to be covering Royal Baby news

We could go on as tapping this mindset is easy. It’s important to note the negative aspect is in the minority. A scan of #RoyalBabyBoy on Twitter is overwhelmingly positive, not that it’s a scientific indicator.

What is interesting about going negative is that this group will be more eager to vent their spleen and so more likely to link. Tapping the negativity may seem cynical, but it is only reflecting a view prevalent in society.

The linkbaiter goes where the conversation is, it does not create something that is not already on someones mind.

But lets go positive, which I am sure will annoy any haters.

10 Happiest Royal Baby fans around the world
10 Best Royal Baby names
10 Most loyal Royal baby Celebrities
10 Rappers and the cool things they say about the Royal Baby
How lucky are the other babies born yesterday? 2,200 in the UK
Will Royal Baby boost UK economy?

And so on, we could go on and this is easy stuff to do. You can pretty much create a headline for any niche on this topic. Want to test me, just for today


Others are creating some really good content around this content though. Checkout the Where in line to the throne are you? from Mike Overthrow

I am sure there will be more to come.