Real Time Marketing or Newsjacking is with us to stay


One of my favourite Newjacking is the Oreo Superbowl Blackout Tweet Look how many links it got from Wired Slate Cnet Mashable Adage Business Insider PRDaily Buzzfeed Huffington Post Forbes   and even Matt McGee from Marketingland I could go on of course to include Fastcompany ABC News The Drum MSN but I wont Now I know what you are thinking, “How is a Tweet of mine going to compete […]

Nissan Datsun Newsjacking alert


Example 1 of a Newsjacking alert from the forthcoming Newsjacking Alert service The niche is the automotive industry, but could be used for any niche if you have the right angle. We find content works best when it’s a similar niche, but if now relevant news is around you can still get a great bit […]

Newsjacking the Weather


When there is a specific news story in the media, it may be an opportunity to “Newsjack” it and surf the conversation. People love to link and create social signals around what people are thinking and talking about. Right now in the UK it is unusually hot, and us Brits love nothing better to talk […]

The Secret to Ranking a Website in Google

This is a great time for people building great content on the web. After reading the interview with Google engineer Matt Cutts and expert SEO Eric Enge, it confirms to me the content that people want will be the ultimate factor in whether or not a website will rank. Yes of course there will still […]

Why Kittens Should be part of your Content Marketing

Most read story right now on the BBC Kitten Found on Tube Train Now before you put your angry young man hat on for people not caring more about Syria, NHS, Global warming etc. just remember that life is pretty crap most of the time. Yes it does have it’s highlights like superfast broadband, but […]