Batman Superman Newsjacking ideas

So now we now it’s going to be happening.

Batman and Superman to team up in new film

Those who are into comic superheroes control some very tasty, online real estate. You absolutely want to get linked, mentioned, social shared, by these people.

It’s something I do for clients all the time, tap into the content sweetspot of the fan. Usually it’s a group that lives in a sub-pop culture as the success ratio to Google juice given is much higher than with mainstream blogs and websites.

But the Superman/Batman thing is interesting, as it’s more mainstream and we want to tap into the narrative a little differently, possibly a little more broad.

After all, there is already a massive amount of excellent content already around this two chaps. So we need to look at a different angle.

Lets play around with some ideas, feel free to join in.

10 Reasons Superman and Batman Running a Shoe Shop is not a good idea
Yes it’s absurd, but that’s the point. It gets attention, it has high humour potential. If you ran an online shop shop and you had a blog this is a headline that would get attention and get your keyword in. You could of course change “shoe shop” for any other regular, everyday kinda thing.

It’s the concept of holding up something from one world (a man who wears his underpants outside of his clothes and a fitness freak with a bat complex) against something from another world that we see everyday. We all wear shoes (OK, footwear) so we all have a connection to this.

It creates a narrative friction that people have to resolve by clicking through and ingesting the content. This is why it is attractive. It’s wrong and we need to resolve it.

Here are more in that theme:

10 Reasons why Superman and Batman should run a hotel
Why Superman is a cat person and Batman is a dog person
Pizza Delivery, who is faster? Batman or Superman
Would Superman ever drive a Bugatti Veyron? Batman would

You could quite easily intergrate most niches, however boring into this narrative structure, in fact the more boing the better, for example:

You would expect to see Superman at an Accounting Software convention, but not Batman

As I said, you can have a lot of fun with this.
This will be a subject that will be hot for a number of months, so it’s worth opening a file on the subject and start researching it.

This is an article from the forthcoming Newsjacking Alerts service

Cosmetic Surgery SEO Newsjacking Alert Example from the Apprentice


We know how competitive “cosmetic surgery” SEO is and so that anything that can give us the edge is useful.

If you have a cosmetic surgery client you have probably already created a piece of content about Dr Leah Totton winning this years Apprentice. If you haven’t there is still time, the story is still warm but chilling as fast as a Polar Bears toenail.

But here is the bit to get your teeth into:

Thousands of viewers have called into the BBC asking for cosmetic surgery help as a result of watching the final of ‘The Apprentice’.

From Huffington Post

The thing to note is the Dr Leah Totton story is still in the popular section. As any linbkaiter wielding a large sharpened news hook knows, you target that which is in the public’s focus.

Andrea is probably joking BBC viewers suddenly realising they want to be injected with gallons of Botox (surely thousands of treatments would be over a gallon of Botox juice), but it’s a good gag and it engages you with the content.

I know I always bang on about headlines being crucial, but in the 3 step formula of linkbait it’s Attract, Engage and get a reaction. Once you have the attention of the reader through a killer headline you have to engage. A juicy line, an interesting first paragraph is what will be needed to engage the reader with the rest of the content.

The reaction that this piece of content wants is probably a social signal (note how low the Google+ social signal is).

Where to now?

Having identified that this is still a story, I would recommend a reaction post to the anti- Dr Leah Totton sentiment, which was to be expected. Reacting to this post would be an obvious one and attempting to engage the writer of the piece over social media is always a way to continue the engaging narrative.

This story is going to have long term viability in the cosmetic space because a real, well funded business backed by Lord Sugar will be happening and is going to be of interest.

Oh and ranking form “Dr Leah”, which is the name of the business, should be added to your targeted keywords if in the cosmetic surgery space.

Stories or narratives, are the bread and butter of the Newsjacker. I will in a future post tell you more about how telling stories is crucial in getting a website ranked in Google.

This is an article from the forthcoming Newsjacking Alerts service

Truro, Cornwall Christmas Shop opens on Hottest day of the year


On what seems to be the hottest day in the year and has driven me from the oven that is my home office to the air conditioned coolness that is the Truro Starbucks, the Cathedral has decided to open a Christmas shop.


I first saw this story about 20 minutes ago on the BBC Website where it is the 4th most read story. A local newsjacking moment I thought. So quick walk in the City (more of a village really) took a few photos and spoke to the shop keep


The shop was a Whittards 6 weeks ago and the Church of England bought the shop as it’s so close to the Cathedral and thought lets have a shop that celebrates the birth of Christ all year long. I’m not sure they had devine advanced knowledge of the current heatwave the UK is under, but it’s perfect buzz marketing.

And of course raises the issue of local newsjacking. The Sun newspaper has already visited as have a number of other outlets, so for a day or two this will be national news.

What this has to do with an SEO site, well it’s helping focusing on the concept of newsjacking and the news alert service I am launching. If you happen to have a local business that has a blog, you should be looking at blogging about this story, it’s possible you could add another angle to it and get some publicity yourself.

Most of the time, doing a bit of newsjacking is free and usually folds in to your current process. It takes little effort to spot a bit of news, add your own twist and then push it out into the world via your blog.

Anyway, happy Christmas and pass the suntan lotion

Note: I own copyright on the pictures and only ask you to give a web link back if you use them. Or they can be puchased for £200 each

Audio Test with Evernote on the iPhone

I’m going to go multi-media (about time) and so am going to post tests here as it’s always useful to know what kit others are using and the results.

I had posted the audio direct from my iPhone to Facebook, but I don’t like the results as it hosts the file on Evernote and it’s always better to have fewer points.

I will be testing other multimedia systems and posting the results here.

I’ve now uploaded the audio file to this post, let me know what you think of the quality.


Newsjacking Sports Direct for links

This is an example of the type of email alerts you will get at Newsjacking Alerts


Sports Direct shop workers hit the jackpot

2,000 Sports Direct staff to receive £100,000 bonus after record profits
Workers hit the jackpot after profits soar 40% to £200m, as sports retailer reaps benefits of 2012’s summer of sport

If you are in the sporting good niche this is an easy story to newsjack. You could offer Sports Direct employees a free bonus. For example, if you sell iPad covers you could offer a free cover to every Sports Direct employee who gets in contact with you in the next 24 hours.

Maybe something better than an iPad cover.

If you are selling a sports product you could offer a free product worth £50 -£100 to anyone working for another retail outlet, saying you don’t want them to be left out.

If you were a local shop you could make the offer open to anyone getting to your shop with their Sports Direct wage slip and offer them something tasty like an iPad mini.

Sell sports bras

Give an uplift to a local sports charities, free sports bras to local sports groups. The idea is that getting a gift is always fun. By celebrating the Sports Direct payout to staff you offer firm support to your local sports groups.

Other niches can take advantage of the concept of rewarding good work and use this story to launch a bonus for staff or even customers.

it would be a brave company that rewarded the staff of their competition, but I am thinking this would make a strong story. if there was some way you could put a caveat on the deal to limit the take up but increase the narrative.

I want to explore this idea further and see if we can come up with a digitally delivered version.

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