Linkbait Articles

I have read a ton of stuff on linkbait over the past year, I thought I would put together a list of the linkbait articles I have come across.

What is Linkbait
An introduction to linkbaiting
Time wins linkbaiter of the year award
20 Linkbaiting Techniques
How to Cut Through the Clutter of an OVERLY BLOGGED STORY and Get Noticed
Factors for Successful Linkbaiting
How to Think Outside of the Box and Develop Attention Grabbing Content
Attention Grabbing Blogging – Persuasive Blogging Part I
7 Ways to Get to the Top of the Popular Page
Linkbaiting with Attack
Motivations for Linkbaiting – Why Links are Good for Your Blog

Linkbaiting or Link Baiting Strategies?
Digging for Links
Content Publishing, Controlling Costs, Scaling Profits & Link Bait: Being Small & Competing With Big Fish
Linking for Conversion


The Two Kinds of Linkbait
Rands 13 step guide to linkbait love
The Changing Face of Linkbait
Brainstorming LinkBait: A Four Step Approach
Talking about LinkBait
Action Tracking by Referral Source & the Linkbait Bump
Arguing with Link Moses – This Already Seems Like a Bad Idea
Rands 7 step guide to linkbait success
Results from our Latest Linkbait Adventure
Everyone can Linkbait
Free Linkbait Idea on Web Analytics
Social Media Traffic Isn’t Useless
Identifying the Linkerati
Linkbait Success Rates & Digg’s New, Tougher Algo
Stumbleupon, You’ve Stumbled into My Heart
Talking about LinkBait
A Piece of Content that Doesn’t Deserve to be Linkbait
Clever Linkbait Tactic over at SEOBlackHat
Blog Infected by The LinkBait Monster

Search Engine Land

Linkbait Articles & Is It Linkbait Or Link Bait?
2007 Guide To Linkbaiting: The Year Of Widgetbait?
Are You Linkbaiting The Right Audience
The Links That Can’t Be Baited
Hook Linkbait With The Right Headlines
Matt Cutts

SEO advice: Linkbait and linkbaiting

Search Engine Journal

Linkbait Driving the Creative Side of SEM + How to Develop those Links?
Link Baiting eBook : Viral Copy
Link Baiting Case Study from Search Engine Journal
Linkbaiting for Fun & Profit
Link Baiting Case Study from Search Engine Journal
Link Baiting & Effective Link Building

Link Building Blog

Link Baiting Case Study

Tropical SEO

(sadly demised)


The Art of Linkbaiting
How To Turn Link Posts Into Linkbait


The Link Baiting Playbook: Hooks Revisited

Link Baiting (How Nick Wilson Created SEO Even Seth Godin Could Love)


Link Baiting, New York Times Style
Free Link Bait Report
Trading Words For Traffic
How to Write Headlines That Work
Linkbaiting: Vote Yes or No This Week Only
And the Verdict on Linkbaiting Is?
The History of Link Bait
Are You a Link Troll or a Spam Baiter?

Modern Life is Rubbish

What is Linkbaiting?

Cartoon Barry

How Much is Link Bait Worth?

Search Engine Round Table

Link Baiting & Viral Search Success

Jim Westergren

Link Bait

Pronet Advertising

Is honesty the best form of linkbait?

There is more to social media then links
Is linkbaiting a new word for an old technique?


Are You A Master Link Baiter or Just a Flasher
Linkbait if it?s Good Enough for Forbes it?s Good Enough for Me
Ghost Riding the Whip – Insurance Linkbait
Environmentally Friendly Link Bait
The Art of Title Bait

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  4. Thanks for this list. I’ve been researching this topic a lot lately, and I’m always looking for more, and jumping from one blog to another. This is a great list, finally someone’s taken the time to post to a lot of the good stuff all in one place.

  5. wow, what a list. Copyblogger is certainly a great resource and has helped me a lot with writing titles. There’s no point in having great content is the title sucks.

  6. how about writing a list on sites that have articles on link bait… seems pretty valuable to me! lol… seriously thatnks for putting this together for me… now i just need to take a week off to read everything 🙁

  7. Hi Lyndon,
    Great informative blog on linkbait and thanks for sharing with everyone. I have bookmarked the link for further reference as useful information must be spread.

  8. Excellent! This is an awesome list still even now when the article was writte a while back. Would be helpful if there was some indication of ACRank or how ‘valuable’ the site is for link juice etc.

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