Why you should build content that lasts 7 years


Pic source Just a quick one, as I have a ton of work to do today. Recently someone contacted me, noticed one of my old posts, Beginners guide to SEO links would benefit from having a link pointed to content that had just created. I had created it seven years ago and it still gets […]

Why Does Buzzfeed Content Work so well?


A recent Buzzfeed content piece has proved great success in getting social signals and links, Which ’90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You? 969,000 likes on FB and counting. Yes, any mediocre content on Buzzfeed is going to get more action that brilliant content on a mediocre website. But the huge numbers here represent that the content […]

Truro, Cornwall Google – Not Truro, Nova Scotia


With all it’s shed loads of Phd genius hordes and mountains of tax avoided cash stashed in Caribbean Island, banks. It still cannot tell that I like in Truro, Cornwall, UK, rather than Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.   A quick search for Wolf of Wall St. revealed it thinks I would be interested in watching […]

Massive links or Tribe Building


Pic source Wow, 2013 is finally done and dusted. No, you wont get a round up of best posts of 2013, this is not what this blog is about and others do it way better. As I sit at my desk with crystal blue, Cornish skies out of my window, I clear the inbox of […]

To Get Links you need to Forget about Link Building


Pic Source I have been building websites and getting people to go to them since 1998. Doing it for such a long time does not always make you a better link builder, but it does give you a long view. It allows you to note that the current changes in the building of links to […]