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An SEO Book with more Meat than Extra Large Cow Pie

Those Brits of a certain age will remember Desperate Dan and his huge cow pies.

This is what Search Engine Optimisation with PHP, by Jaimie Sirovich and Cristian Darie feels like as I flick through its pages. If you are involved in SEO in any way you should buy this book.

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid for this review, but I did get the book for free.

If I was not offered the book for review purposes I would have bought it. Sure you can find the info within the covers for free on the web, but this is edited information. Trying to get the correct info from the web is like trying to moisten a stamp with Niagra Falls.

I am not a programmer, but I know my way around and this book gives me the skinny on things like mod_rewrite, duplicate content, making WordPress SEO friendly, cloaking, IP delivery, geo-targeting, black hat SEO (yum), sitemaps, and much more.

Most experienced SEO’s will know this stuff, but it’s nice to have the info in one easy to handle book.

The biggest problem with the book is the Linkbait section. First, I am not mentioned. How the hell did that error happen? Second, it’s too short. Third, programmers talking linkbait, erm. It shouldn’t have been in, but who cares, it’s only a few pages.

The official website for the book is at Professional SEO with PHP Book

The Amazon link is here, last time I looked it was $13.

Should you buy this book? Yes. But don’t expect any linkbait tips, stick around here for that.

And thanks for the free book chaps.

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The book concentrates on white hat techniques, although does cover cloaking/ip delivery. But it emphasises the white hat aspect of the technique. The black hat chapter deals more with how to defend from black hat rather than do it yourself.

Shame, as although I am a white hat I find black hat stuff really interesting.

So in answer to your question, yes. Conventional stuff mostly.

Ha! I’m just reflecting on how well the “give you a free book” worked. After reading this post, I straight away ordered it from Amazon UK!

The postman just delivered it 2 minutes ago.

If it’s rubbish, I’m never reading your reviews again : )

– rich

…. and further to that, I think your review was spot on.

It’s a great little book, a good primer that goes into just enough detail to help you implement. Well worth the seventeen quid on Amazon UK.

Thanks Richard, at 17 quid you can’t go wrong. I like that there are a lot of code examples.

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