Ryan Air and How Not to do Reputation Management

You may have heard what Ryan Air, the no frills budget airline have been saying about bloggers lately. If not you can get up to speed here and here

I wont overlap as the information is already at those sites, but look at what the Times had on their website.

Ryanair has confirmed that one its staff abused a blogger who questionned the airline site’s credentials.

But far from apologising for the volley of abuse, Ryanair today dismissed bloggers as “lunatics” and “idiots.”

My first thoughts are, who does their SEO and who does their reputation management? I hope it’s not a pal. But by the sounds of things, they don’t seem to rate Online very highly. They have a strong enough brand to get a lot of business over the phone and as we know, any publicity is good publicity. Maybe they think they don’t need it.

But this stuff is now going to show up in Google when you search for “Ryan Air”, what makes it crazy is that is was so easy not to happen in the first place.

Who does the seo for Ryan Air? I would love to hear what they really think of the client. I wonder if they are sobbing into their alt tags this very moment.

Actually I just did a search for, “Who does the seo for Ryan Air”, and a post from David Naylor came up, lol, Ryanair gets bad Twitter press

By the way, if any airline would like to hire a social media marketer, gimme a call. 😉