How to ask for a Retweet

I get asked a lot to retweet. Most of the time I don’t do them as it’s off topic to the market I target on twitter. When it is on target and the content is great I have no problem with retweeting.

The problem is, people don’t ask the right way.

This is the wrong way.
Dude, can you retweet this,

This is the right way.
Dude, can you retweet this. “RT @lyndoman: The great thing about how a child thinks, is that it doesn’t know what can’t be done, so just does it.”

Do you see the difference.

The difference is TIME.

You are not wasting the persons time, as all they have to do is cut and paste.

But, you may think you are a hot-shot-seo-rockstar who thinks people should be grateful that you even would ask them to do something. I don’t know. What I do know is that if you ask people a favour you don’t have to go round the houses to give it to them.

And another thing whilst I’m here, pointing people to a bit of content and asking for a RT is a pain in the arse, and it’s not a Retweet, it’s a tweet. Pedantic? Yes.

In the future, anyone who asks you to RT and gets it wrong, send them to this page and let me have a word with them.