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Quick Few Thoughts on Content Marketing Before I finish my Porridge

The online marketing industry is using the term “content marketing”, widely and consistently. Which means I must use it too, even though I have an urge to write a 10k word essay on the subject of why it shouldn’t be used.

Thinking, rather than acting can sometimes (not always) hurt the bottom line.

As Linkbait Coaching 3.0 is about to launch it makes sense to start a Content Marketing course.

Most people still don’t get blogging.

Deeper thinking about the technique will always win, unless you are selling a content marketing course and then it makes more sense to say the stuff is easy. I can’t do that, which I understand does affect business and I really have tried to sell out and be a commerce whore but it goes against my OS. So, always market to those who seek high ability over a quick fix.

All online output is communication and all communication is marketing, even down to the privacy policy.

Basic, bog standard link building still works. Get in touch and I can sort you out with something very tasty.

2 replies on “Quick Few Thoughts on Content Marketing Before I finish my Porridge”

Link building does work and always will. It will be interesting to see what the new Over Optimised Google algorithm will do here so Content Marketing (imo) will be ramped up more than ever and link baiting need to play a key role in a modern digital marketing strategy.

Something very tasty eh?
I’ve just had a pot noodle for lunch and that wasn’t very tasty. Perhaps you could, as they say, ‘fill the void’.

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