Long Copy Short Copy

OK, I admit, my post on social bookmarking was a little tongue in cheek. Designed possibly to raise an eyebrow or two? Most likley, but I also like to play around with the medium of blogging. I was just about to call it an art form, but noooooo.

Posts like that are designed to get you thinking. How long does a blog post have to be. My answer to that is “as long as it needs to be”. The style and objective of the blog will help define, plus the nature of the post. Are you trying to sell, inform, argue?

People bang on about the short attention span of internet users, I do this when talking about crafting headlines. But sometimes a long post is needed to lead people through an arguement to help define the points of view. I have seen successful blog posts that are similar to academic essays. Offering meat when everyone if offering lettuce is an interesting tactic.

This post could be quite long, but I have to go and get some sausage rolls from Truro.

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I’ve been doing SEO and such for quite some time, and generally agree with your brief answer of “no” in the previous post…

However it would likely be helpful for many of your readers to expand on that answer a bit. 🙂

ie. a sudden blast to each and every social media site on the planet would raise a ton of red flags to the search engines, but a measured trickling – coupled with other inbound links – would probably be a good thing.

I’ve read from good sources that a decently large blast of this type CAN be good for short-term rankings boost, but too risky for any website you want to maintain long term.

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