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How to create content for a credit card blog

Building a blog around the credit card niche can be highly lucrative when it comes to affiliate income. It may seem like a no brainer niche to make money in, but the problem is anyone who can stop playing Minecraft or Candycrush for 5 mins can knock up a blog, grab a bunch of keywords, look at where other sites are getting links from and build another credit card blog.

The biggest problem in such niches is standing out from the crowd. If 100 blogs write the same article and publish at the same time, people are still going to read only one and they will chose the one that stands out, that engages.

The deficit is in the ability of the creator to devise a narrative that attracts and engages.

Sure you can use some numpty content creation tool to throw up random ideas, or you can use your own creative skill to make something more powerful.

Take this story for example, from the Telegraph about a Russian man and a credit card company.

Credit card scam

The story was also reported in numerous news outlets including:

Huffington Post
Business Insider
and many more.

The point isn’t to create story like this (although I know many who do), the goal is to ride on the wave of interest that this story creates.

Desire information

The point is to tap into the desire for people to know more information. Some journalists who missed the boat on the first story will be on the look out for juicy research to create a follow story. Want to know how to influence journalists? Do part of their job for them, help them write their articles by digging up some tasty info.

There are a number of ways to create content around this news story, or rather around the desire for more information around the news story. Most make the mistake that they are creating content, you are not. You are fulfilling the need for people to get more information, and it is that desire that you need to focus on, remember this is about people, not about content.

The first thing that people will do after reading a story like this is to Google the details, so make sure you focus on those story keywords, the original news story may not even be focussing on the right keywords.

If you are able to soak up the second wave of traffic from a story like this, you will be able to give more depth or take a different quirk on the story. Even just by collecting similar stories from the past few years you are creating useful information.

In conclusion, the benefits from following up a tasty story like this are many:

  • Traffic
  • Links
  • Connecting with journalists
  • Fresh content
  • Demonstrating that you are on the ball.

And the story is pretty much created for you, you simply do more research and curation.

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