Content Marketing Training and a dog called Fenton

Content Idea 1

One of the biggest problems I come across in helping people build links to their websites is how to build magnetic content which attracts links. It seems that selling plumbers supplies online does not naturally lead to expertise on online publishing. Who would have thought? The reality is, creating effective web content is a highly […]

Biting Live Chickens with Content Marketing

Content Marketing I must have blinked. And up pops another word for the same stuff we’ve all been doing for years, yeah millenia, It’s now called “Content marketing”. Or it could also be called “read stuff-buy stuff”. However, it’s tricky to sell services at £150/hour to a marketing executive when all you are going to […]

Where can I hire a writer?

As a writer I get confused when publishers ask me where can they find great writers. “Have you tried the Internet?” Usually gets a blank stare. Apparently it’s really hard to hire great writers. I have only on few occasions hired writers to do work, which has probably made me a lot poorer as I […]

Magnetic Web Content Launching May 26th

Yes I know, a lot of people are annoyed. but due to a technical issue Magnetic Web Content will not be launching today, but Tuesday May 26th. For those wondering, it’s not because I am busy finishing watching the box set of the Wire. Putting together these sites throws up a lot of complex issues. […]

Linkbait Ideas

You might want to check out Magnetic Web Content, for more ideas. These web content ideas were first published in Linkbait Coaching last October. Note: this was around the Olympics, banks were not yet evil, the was strong…etc. Oh how things have changed. What’s rubbish about being British Wired costs $10 a year to […]