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The SEO Pond is Scumming up

Something beyond the hyperbole just happened in SEO.

But you knew that right.

Pushing SEO is like pushing a giant flaming marshmellow through a cage full of marmuts, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The focus is obviously on content, but it’s not.

The focus is on people, that’s why you do this stuff for anyway isn’t it.

People to buy your stuff.

Well isn’t it?

Too much talk about content and not enough about delivering emotional experiences.

I am guilty as anyone else, “content” is short hand, it’s lazy. And we all love to be lazy.

Even you.

I have realised this for a few years, but still help a toe in the seo pond, even though it is increasingly scumming over, now there are dead fish floating on the surface it may be time to move 100% to a publishing model.

Publishing what?

Publishing “content”, duh!

It’s really just publishing though isn’t it. The content bit is redundant.

Linkbaiting is now even more important. The type of links you need are the type of links real people need.


So, time to leave SEO and head off into the sunset.

2 replies on “The SEO Pond is Scumming up”

Hi Lyndon,

Got to admit your marshallow analogy had us laughing in fits here. I assume your dig is at “content” driven SEO and that the “scum” and “dead fish” is the droves of ex link automation monkeys migrating to guest posting and authroity content tactics?

If not then I at least would like to hear you flesh out your rant.

By the way I tried your link bait course and for the pathetic amount of time I managed to commit I got some real value – thanks. Probably going to get the people here on it next time the doors creak open.


Hi Jason, thanks for the words about

I think you are on the right track, although the reality is highly nuanced and detailed. Using metaphor is a lot quicker than detailing the process step by step and it also raises more questions.

I find by prodding people in a general direction and getting them to think is far more useful than the usual “10 step by step ways to do what you need to do” type posts.

But people like those 10 steps to Nirvana type posts, problem is, the data needs a narrative to really sink in deep.

I think the next time I creak the doors open I might do it a little different, maybe smaller and tighter or wider and looser.

I like the idea of offering more of a one on one service, with a group service added. So when you have a problem you can get it discreetly solved in a private manner.
That and it’s a lot easier to share the goodies (links opportunities) with those who get it.

Lets see what happens.

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