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Is this the thing that will destroy Digg?

Digg has spawned a number of clones. some offering interesting and unique information. Others duplicating existing sites.

With a CMS such as Pligg you can quickly and easily set up you own Digg type site. It took me 30 mins to knock up my own Pligg test. It’s quite exciting when you realise you have your own Digg. The official site for Pligg here. You then realise the essential factor of a Digg type site is traffic and if you havn’t got any it looks a bit sad. It needs to hit a critical mass of users to be useful. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of links that some guy found.

It’s easy to get caught up with the technology. However, I see very interesting applications for a Digg clone, some I am pursuing already. For example, you could apply it to a membership site and have people themselves voted for instead of the story. A sort of amihotornot 2.0

I was surprised to see the number of sites already out there and according to Alexa generating traffic – yes I know Alexa can be gamed, and I know an seo site will be skewed because more people have a toolbar. But it’s the only metric I can get my hands on, so for what it’s worth I have listed the Alexa ranking. I should have listed the PR too, maybe I will update the post with that in mind.

SEO Mozz has a story about the space.

Pligg: a CMS framework to build digg-like sites

A list of Pligg Sites and Digg type sites

Politcal 700k Alexa

Marketing 35k Alexa
6k Alexa
400k Alexa
91k Alexa

Mormon 300k Alexa

Celebrity 400k Alexa

11k Alexa
70k Alexa

600k Alexa
133k Alexa
305k Alexa

500k Alexa

157k Alexa
500k Alexa
200k Alexa
300k Alexa
160k Alexa

200k Alexa
290k Alexa
163k Alexa
82k Alexa
326k Alexa

1,000k Alexa

23k Alexa
82k Alexa

212k Alexa
13k Alexa

13k Alexa
1,000k Alexa


88k Alexa
58k Alexa

Current Affairs
67k Alexa

700k Alexa
800k Alexa
500k Alexa
266k Alexa
442k Alexa
500k Alexa
200k Alexa
68k Alexa
7k Alexa
18k Alexa
325k Alexa
139k Alexa
197k Alexa
91k Alexa
300k Alexa
617k Alexa
907k Alexa
149k Alexa
58k Alexa
85k Alexa

41k Alexa

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Digg has spawned a number of clones. some offering interesting and unique information. Others duplicating existing sites….

Pligg is not new, but it’s truly a clone – it can be used for verticals but doesn’t add anything to the model established byt Digg. Digg succeeded because it created a *different* alternative to Slashdot. If you want something to do the same to Digg it would have to offer something different. Yet, note that Digg didn’t kill Slashdot, and so I don’t think something’s going to come and ‘kill’ Digg.

Keep an eye on (yes, I’m involved with the project)

Hi Art, could you give a bit more info about, sounds interesting.

No, Pligg is not “the thing that will destroy Digg”.

Pligg and other Digg clone packages have been available for almost a year now and Digg seems to be doing just fine.

Is this the thing that will destroy DIGG…

Digg has spawned a number of clones. some offering interesting and unique information. Others duplicating existing sites. Will vertical market clones destroy DIGG…

I think Digg has rich veins of content ready to be mined.

Rather than a digg of Digg, I see more verticals tacked on to current communities, such as a Playstation Digg clone tacked onto a Playstation blog.

E’ questa la cosa che distrugger Digg?…

Parlano bene di Pligg in questo articolo.
Non citando per la possibilit di condivisione dei ricavi, che io ritengo sia la caratteristica saliente….

We’re jumping on the band wagon as well with our reciprocal blog commenting and article link sharing Social Networking site.

Social networking is good quality and probably the best way to go when it comes to internet and any other type of marketing.

Being an old timer, I have trouble navigating the new social networking sites. They’re just too much to handle some time. It’s nice to deal with smaller boutique directories if possible.

As Digg and others get too big they will definitely run into alot of competition. We’re hoping to grab a little of their pie.

Love the resource list. I don’t believe digg is in any danger of being destoryed even from any army of clones. In the fast past world of internet technology, many people are looking for anything they consider to be “genuine.” Because digg was the first social media site besides to come into mainstream consciousness it will probably be viewed as more “genuine” and the other competitors as cheap knock offs for awhile to come. They have such a following in the young male / tech audience that have already staked a claim in the digg community.

Slashdot started the first news discussion site and the idea of using points or a ‘thumbs-up’ from users is not an invention of Digg’s alone. Reddit, for example, independently came up with the same idea during its start (see Techcrunch interview with the founders). Besides, being the first to do something or being “genuine” doesn’t mean much in the marketplace. Facebook and Friendster are similar and Friendster came first.

Solomon, thanks.

I’m not so sure that Digg will not be destroyed, and maybe destruction is too strong a word.

Although I think it is more in danger of destruction by being bought by a bunch of Corporate suits in some merger/aquisistion frenzy than niche Digg clones chipping away at Diggs verticals.

But look, if the Xbox is your passion you are more likely going to hang at an Xbox Digg clone than at Digg itself and have to wade through the detritus of Playstation and Wii posts.

Advertisers equally prefer a site that is more targeted. Last time I was on Digg it was advertising Northern Cyprus property.

In this age of the long tail where it takes someone like me a matter of 30mins to get a niche Digg clone up and running it makes the Digg model look a little weak.

What if the top digger of Xbox stories decided to set up an Xbox digg and told all his friends. Possibly pursuaded other Xbox diggers to join him and not get lost amongst the noise.

Should Digg start it’s own verticals? If it does it weakens the centre, which is its’ base.

The more I research this sector the more fascinating it is and the more convinced I need to write a follow up post with a more in depth analysis.

The oppurtunity that social bookmarking offers the marketer and the SEO is huge and mostly ignored by the mainstream of the SEO crowd and sniffed at by the old timers (myself included until recently).


Digg has spawned a number of clones. some offering interesting and unique information. Others duplicating existing sites….

There are also social news/video/etc gathering sites out there that are not using Pligg, and therefore don’t like being called “clones”, even though they share some inspiration from digg/delicious/etc.

Check out: – video / funny links social aggregation site
Alexa 28k as of today.

Powered by Ruby on Rails.


There certainly are sites that are not Pliggs and not really based on Digg clones. The reason I call them Digg clones is one of lazyness, I can’t think of anything else to call them.

If you know of a better term than Digg Clone I would love to hear it and maybe use it.

I know an accurate term is social voting networks, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue, know what I mean.

I know people may get offended, but isn’t that just political correctness gone mad?

I always feel disapointed if I havn’t offended at least one person a day 😉

“But it?s the only metric I can get my hands on” in reference to… I think has a pretty strong thing going on over there.. still seems skewed. but has some handy features..

Digg is a tough nut to crack, massive.. there will be alot of meganiche spawns that could do fine with the Digg model.. however it’s usually the first oen in that dominates and digg just keeps getting stronger

Maybe have a look at – it’s an it security news aggregation site digg style – could be realley usefule for the future to get the right amount of right information to the right time 😉

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