Content Marketing

Creative Infographic Example

You take something that is very funny, “Alan Partridge”.
You add a hard to “get links”, subject like “retirement”.
You then add the mechanics and methodology of infographic creation and you have a tasy bit of content marketing.


In my recent article about creating links for boring industires, for cognitiveSEO, I detail the process of doing this.

Creative thinking in content marketing is very hard, as you have to keep producing content at an ever increasing rate. And as Mitch Joel has cheekily suggested Content Marketing is Dead, it isn’t of course and never will be. But he uses the thought to intelligently explore a different way of thinking about content marketing and comes up with the line…

They want to feel like the finished products deserves its space in the book store… or on your Kindle. Authors only publish things that have real value.

Think about this. Take a published author and commission them to write a 30,000 word book to be published for Amazon Kindle. It would probably cost the same as a few infographics. I don’t see anyone doing that right now.

But we will.

Having created a short and snappy, but highly useful book with actionable content, I know how such a think raises your profile.

Instead of knocking out the odd blog post, commission a book.
Are any of your competitors doing this?

If you need help with this matter or any other content marketing issue, get in touch and I will tell you a few other cool things you could do that your competitors are not.