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Best Cornish Pasty in Truro

I know this may be slightly off the beaten path of digital marketing, but I just want to let you know that if you are ever find yourself in Truro, the best pasties can be found at Rowes. What with the Govenment making the pasty 20% more expensive, I thought a shout out to my local pasty maker was called for.

And no they are not a client and no cash was passed under or over the table for this post, and no pasty either. Although any pasties that are sent are welcome 😉

There are other pasty makers who claim to be better and a lot of kitchen table outfits that go for the gourmet market. But these tend to be eaten by the tourists, Rowes is the place where the locals eat at. And there is always a queue when the pasty’s come out the oven.

OK, now making myself hungry again.

Their website looks cool too, although look at they only have 281 likes on their Facebook page and it’s a shame they didn’t knock up any magnetic content around the recent Pastygate.

When we put on the Magentic Web Content seminar refreshments will be pasties from Rowes

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I always preferred The Devoran Bakery pasties. Also available in Truro. No sign of them on the web mind, but what use is a website to a pasty maker?

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