Will Google +1 Result in the End of Small Business Online?

It’s very simple. Either Google +1 will affect the search engine results or it will not. What if it does? Will the frenetic dash that Digital Media Agencies mean that they then resell their networks to Corporate big gits to help crush the small independent, just as they have on the high street? A little […]

Mark McGuinness Reveals the Truth about Internet Marketing

Mark McGuinness has a new fan. I read this post on Creativity in business and it rocked my socks. It’s the price of doing business that you have to wade through thigh high rivers of steaming….. before you get something that resonates, something that connects. Something that makes you blog and inspires you to write […]

Social Media Myth No. 1 “It’s about the conversation”

“Social media is all about the conversation”, I think that phrase started to rankle me around last July and I couldn’t figure out why. It’s something I have taught people in my training class for years, so it’s not like I haven’t agreed with it. Blog – people comment – you reply – they blog […]