Hot content or tribal? Who has the biggest content marketing drums?


Lets be honest, let us open the window and let the fresh air in.
Below are the top articles that Buzzsumo has ranked for the keyword, “content marketing”, for the last 7 days. They use a system based on social media signals.
My question is this.
Do you think these are the best articles on the subject, for the past 7 days?
Is the information essential reading and do they deserve all those social media votes?
Or is something else going on?
Has blogging become tribal?
More about the tribe, the bloggers you love, than about the information they share.
And then, turn it around to your blog, to the tribe you have, the niche you operate in. Is there something to be learned from the people in this list about how they do it, rather than what they tell use to do?

Sometimes it’s useful to question the direction we are going in.

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2. Great Content ≠ Long-Form Content

3. The Buzzfeed Approach to Social Media Strategy

4. Our software must get better

5. Learn to Code: 16 Handy Resources to Get Started

6. 3 Tactics That’ll Make Writing Tighter as Easy as 1-2-3

7. Why You Should Forget About Linkedin

8. Seth’s Blog: Awareness, trust and action

9. What Is Creativity? 21 Authentic Definitions You’ll Love [Free Poster] copyblogger

10. 23 Things to Consider When Creating Video Content

Why I no longer follow you or anyone on Twitter

Star Wars Christmas tree

Today is the start of Advent, it is the tradition of giving something up in advance of the festivities of Christmas. Although it is supposed to be the nearest Sunday to St. Andrews Day (Scotland FTW) I like to think it starts when the kids start opening the advent calendars which is the 1st of December.

Quasi Christian/pagan festivities aside (lets not go there right now)  I thought it would be a good idea to give up social media for advent, well not entirely, but enough that it would be meaningful.

I have decided to defollow everyone on my Twitter account, it being my most used social media entity.

Will it hurt? Probably, but there are so many other outlets where I can get the skinny on what the people I follow are up to and of course I have quite a number of Twitter lists to keep me busy.

Am I afraid of people will no longer follow me because I no longer follow them? I hope not, but if they do were they worth following in the first place? And as this is a temporary experiment I can always follow back people again.

There is the issue of being able to message the people I follow back, but these days there are many paths to the door.

However, I thought it a waste to have a zero denoting the people I follow and quite powerful to have only one.

There are also people I have been following for over 7 years, I pretty much started using Twitter at the beginning. But Twitter is a tool, it is not the actual person who even the relationship, it is a conduit to connecting and communicating with people and pressing the reset button once in a while is a good thing, lets hope anyway.

So I have decided for advent to only follow one Twitter account, my favourite charity The National Autistic Society.

I shall now go and press the delete button, but first will get a cup of tea.

Will let you know letter if anything of note comes of this.

Update: I am now following Shelter Box, which is based in Cornwall and is an excellent charity. It also appeared with the Rock in San Andreas, so it has to be cool.


Pic source

Why I am spending more time on LinkedIn

The more I use LinkedIn, the more I like it.

Yes, there are the people who still use it to dump content mentions and run. But I have found if you engage with people in a real, conversational manner time spent there can really pay dividends.

It helps I do this kind of thing for a job, although if your job is to sell “wholesale spices”, or “raw chocolate”, there are ways in which it would help out your business.

Dusting off my profile I noted my endorsements were a fantastic collection of amazing people in the field of Internet Marketing.


Not that I am fishing for more, but using this as a great example of social validation, and this is what LinkedIn is really good for.

I always check for the LinkedIn page of any new contact and will use any information I find to form an opinion, and if you don’t have a LinkedIn page I assume you don’t really want anyone to talk to you, or you are not doing much of any interest online.

It’s also a great place to publish content, as I did here with talking about my headline writing book.

There are plenty of guides out there to get to grips with it and any time invested will deliver a good ROI.

Most Socially Shared Pages for the Office of National Statistics

This screenshot is from the cognitiveSEO, Social Visibility analysis page of the website,, the Office of National Statistics.

If you are an infographics creator or heavily into stats to create content with, you will be well familiar with it. And if you have never heard of it then you probably have a life and should just head back to instagram.

What I want to do here is simply present something that most will never see. I doubt anyone has used their analysis credits and time to look at such a site as it’s hardly commercial. But what is interesting is the fact that journalists are heavy users of the site, which means that it may possibly reveal what journalists are interested in.

And we like journalists because they may write about our clients and give them a bit of publicity.

What’s interesting is you could go deeper and see which people Tweeted each page and see what else they are focused on. As the data reveals a lot about the motivation and goals of the people who bother to share this. As this is not a commercial site we assume that people are not doing this because they are paid to, but because it is useful to them.

I could spend a few hours giving my take on what this data can tell you, but I will just let you enjoy it and see if you can spot the obvious possibilities.

Office of national stats

If you enjoy this kind of short, off the wall, data reveal. Let me know and I could do more. I like to dig into the areas that we never usually see as these can be the most revealing.