Social Media is not about the Conversation

I Tweeted this week that social media is not about the conversation? It had a few retweets and I thought I would post them here. lakey ‘The C-Word’ RT @lyndoman: If anyone says “it’s about the conversation” at a social media conference, throw a sticky bun at them. Friday, November 16, 2012 9:59:17 AM SceptreSocial […]

Most Common Mistake of Businesses using Facebook Pages

It’s much more useful if a companies Facebook page is about the benefits of customers using the service, than about what is happening at the company, for example, “We have just had the walls painted a very interesting magnolia colour here at Donotgetit Design ltd…..” It may be very important for you to give out […]

Pinterest, C’mon Guys Get a Grip

Look, before you start running around the place with your knickers on your head screaming about how Pinterest is going to solve all online marketing problems known to mankind, I suggest you take a deep breath and consider a few things. Maybe it’s the young, cool and froody crowd over at Mashmumble who are whipping […]

+1 Button

I have not yet put the +1 Google goodness button on my site. But, I think it’s definitely worth it. Although there have been rumblings that a + 1 is going to influence SERPS, I wouldn’t get too excited as I haven’t seen anywhere that says it happens when you are logged out. My advice, […]

Not Really a Top Ten Tips on How to Make Money Online with G+

I remember when Twitter started and I was following/being followed by about 200-300. The signal to noise ratio was very high. Because you couldn’t add pictures/video/music into the stream there was little distraction. Things were focussed on the the business of SEO and Social Media Manipulation. All good stuff. Of course the “drinking coffee” Tweets […]

Will Google +1 Result in the End of Small Business Online?

It’s very simple. Either Google +1 will affect the search engine results or it will not. What if it does? Will the frenetic dash that Digital Media Agencies mean that they then resell their networks to Corporate big gits to help crush the small independent, just as they have on the high street? A little […]

Getting Ruthless with Information Overload

This may be hard for some to understand. But, I am going to stop following everyone on my main Twitter account. There are a number of reasons for this and a number of advantages. Of course there will be some disadvantages Some people will get the hump and stop following me I might miss out […]