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Why you should build content that lasts 7 years

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Just a quick one, as I have a ton of work to do today.

Recently someone contacted me, noticed one of my old posts, Beginners guide to SEO links would benefit from having a link pointed to content that had just created. I had created it seven years ago and it still gets traffic, although most of the information was applicable to that time, which makes a link proposition to update it attractive.

I checked out the content asking for the link and found it was top notch, something that people who read this blog would benefit from.

So I gave them a link.

The email wasn’t fancy, but was polite and to the point.

Is link building that easy?

Well, no because first you have to invest a lot of time into content, then you have to build a contact list and then you have to catch the target at the right time. I read the email 6 days ago but as I am catching up with a lot of work left it till now. And that’s the thing, the people you contact have real lives going on and it’s really just a case of numbers and …. well you know the rest.

This kind of link building is hard, at least I have always found it hard, because it’s a bit of a grind. Wins results though.

I am always willing to link out to people who offer something of value to my readers. That is what keeps the web interesting.

3 replies on “Why you should build content that lasts 7 years”

Dont get me wrong, I am big into building quality content, however, I am surprised to see a post that says that content does not get outdated and can still be useful. Although it may apply in a few circumstances, I feel it is much better to keep content updated and fresh.

I’m experiencing the same difficulties in getting backlinks as well. Most if not all will tend to just skip the reading part and mark introductory mails as spam. I also think that old content can still be useful. It could be a reference in some way or the other.

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