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Why is the worst social network in the world

Ok maybe not the worst, that award would have to go to Myspace, unless of course you’re a 15 year old girl.

First let me say, I love, it’s my kind of social network.

But the problem I have is not that it’s been bought by Yahoo, which will hardly effect me and yes I know everyone is getting excited and sweaty about it, but from my point of view I can’t see the big deal.

No, the problem is is that it is too good, it’s too easy to add contacts, I joined a few days ago and had a couple of hours free so added a few hundred contacts. All within my sector of web development. I notice that I had more contacts than Shoemoney so was feeling pretty good about myself and thought I would brag about this in the chat room.

I was then informed that when I can get over 7,000 contacts in 24 hours, then I can brag, actually they were a lot nicer but it’s more interesting if I spice it up.

It was then explained to me that bots are now being built to game

It would be quite easy to track the pages that have Mybloglog code on them and record who visits, this is useful data as you can then set up an account to target people who visit one type of website.

Your account then links to a nice Splog you have just set up.

Most people you contact visit your website to see what you’re about. So, add 7,000 people, get 7,000 people visiting your site and make a few dollars.

When people place the Mybloglog code on their website as I have done here, the picture of Mybloglog members who were the last to visit is displayed. So to get your face, or picture to display is visit the blog.

So what’s to stop someone to set up a script that will visit the site every 15 mins – or higher for more trafficked sites – and get their picture in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Yes there is a function where you can ban people being displayed, but how do you know if it’s real or not?

On a members page is a list of all the communities they belong to, again this data can be gathered and members targeted. The pages on these communities have lists of all the members, so again another place where data on communities can be gathered.

Messages can be posted on a members account page, so once you have a targeted list of people and a nice splog set up, a bot could send mass messages to members based on their interests. Not of the “check out my free ringtone” variety that you get on Myspace, but a more cleverly crafted message that appeals to the vanity of the member. I am sure I have already had some spam as the messages praise me for things I have not yet done.

You could set up a bot which monitors a community and when a new member is added an automatic “add contact” goes out.

So yeah, brilliant idea for a social network, but how are they going to stop the spammer and bot action?

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14 replies on “Why is the worst social network in the world”

True, but some networks are more spammed than others.

My point is, I find mybloglog useful and if a ton of spam deluged the site that would be annoying.

I am simply pointing out the way it can be gamed and to watch out. Some people may be a bit more trusting of someone “admires” them than you are Alfa 😉

Wow!!! Lyndon!!! What a tangled web we weave…

I still have a lot to learn!!! I didn’t even make a post about Mybloglog on any of my sites!!! I didn’t know you, or Shoemoney (who???). So, this is why he invited me on his team!!!! Oh!!! but you also then!!! I see the light… (or do I???)

Hum!!! and I thought that it was all nice and clean on the blog scene (hate the blogosphere term!!! I am a rebel at heart!!!)

Thanks for your note and by the way, I put a link to your site on my site (did I learn something?). I think that we can learn a lot from you. Yea!!! I learned something new today…

Ahhh, it’s refreshing to meet someone who doesn’t know who Shoemoney is.

On mybloglog I am only adding people who are interested in the area of Web Development, marketing or SEO, it’s possible I made a mistake and added someone who is only insterested in beef jerky or Marmalots by mistake, but that is not my intention.

The point of a social network is to contact people with similar interests and interact. I know some people call this behaviour spam, I don’t know how to respond to that.

Surely the defination is all in the intention.

I don’t think I am weaving a tangled web, I think it’s a rather neat web. Please note the quality of the posts here (even though you may disagree) and the distinct lack of Adsense or any other form of monetisation.

I merely wish to converse and connect.

Nice post. I like mybloglog too, nice and clean and simple.

I wish I’d thought of it 😀

On the positve, Ive found an interesting blog or two on there as well, this being one of them 😀


Thanks Rob, maybe you will come up with the next big idea.

When you do, let us know. 🙂

I also like what I have seen of MyBlogLog so far, if it was not for it, I would have never found this blog!

I agree that it is very easy to game, and I am surprised it has not been done yet (fi it has they are really good!) I will hang around on it until I get bored, or it drowns in a rising tide of spam.

Hi Lyndoman,

I joined mybloglog yesterday and I see you added yourself as a fan on my profile. I was actually drawn to your blog for the very reason you’ve posted here, just how much spam is there? I received a very spammy message with some URLs in within about 5 seconds of joining, which I guess was from a bot. However, doesn’t seem too bad at the moment, but there will need to be some serious lockdown and more people get wind of the system and have time in their basements coding nasties. Nice post.

Hi, we’re weeding out the friending bots increasingly well as the days go by. Please pardon the inconvenience they cause in the meantime. We’re working to make sure social spam is kept to a minimum without overloading the site with Captchas etc.

Please message me on the site “Rafer” if you see something that you don’t like (or that you do!!).

Good stuff Scott, like what you’ve done with the place.

It’s comforting to know the right people are listening.

I definitely agree MyBlogLog makes it too easy to add contacts, but for now the contacts are all the right people. As soon as it gets really popular, which it is doing quickly, it will be rather worthless.

MyBlogLog is great and I doubt that it’ll be worthless anytime soon. It feels like a lot of sour grapes going around the techie world…startups are just jealous of Scott Rafer and the founders of MyBlogLog for coming up with a great widget and being purchased by a high hat like Yahoo so soon out of the gate.

You best believe the bots will be under control before his crew even touches down in SFO.

In the meantime, I’m finding a lot of great blogs to subscribe to — like this very one that I only found thru MyBlogLog!

And a lot of folks are favoring my blog on Technorati and joining my Wheel in the Sky MyBlogLog community and I?m joining their communities and favoring their blogs on Technorati in order to keep up with their posts.

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