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What the hell is going on with all this Widget Spam?

So are we seeing a new term in the making. Widget spam. is now on the front line of fighting spam. But it’s a new kind of spam. Widget spam is where you continually load up a website so your avatar is displayed on the blog that is being targeted.

the idea then being that people will click on your picture and fo to your mybloglog profile, then on to any blogs listed clicking on adsense ads on the way.

Solo seo has already proved this can work and Techcrunch is worried about widget spam.

Techbloglog, the official blog of mybloglog have announced they are out to stamp on the spam. It’s our duty to help them out if we want Mybloglog to continue to be useful. By this I don’t me we whine when someone adds you as a contact or visits your site a few times a day.

Spam is when real problems are created by useless sometimes automated communication. A lot of the stuff is harmless, but if one of your widgets are blocked then that’s serious stuff. Sure you can sit and monitor, but who wants that when there are DVD’s of the West Wing to watch.

BTW, has anyone heard of the term widget spam, or did I just invent it. Surely not.

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Hehe, was this in response to my article? Although it is useful, I’m all for getting rid of the up and coming “widget spam” .. it’s not in the best interest of the blogging community.

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