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What my dream SMO tool would include

It’s getting to the point where there seems to be more social media sites than there are people on the planet. If you are a member of a few of them you know how hard it can be to keep up.

Here is my wish list for a cool social media optimisation tool.

  • Check the status of all your posts across all social media, including multiple accounts.
  • Be able to perform a one button submit so that the article is submitted to all your accounts at one time.
  • Be able to track “friends” accounts across the social world, allowing you to vote for their story, I am sure some people would use this to stalk others and bury their story.
  • To interogate the social media sites as to the poularity of certain keywords and phrases.
  • When on a website, view a list of all the social sites the website is on and be able to rank them by votes, categories, submitter etc.
  • Find out who is burying my posts and automatically send a live ferret to their address.
  • As soon as I post on my blog, an email/chat message goes out to all my friends to vote. (cool wordpress plug in)
  • A right click option on my Firefox which tells me exactly how many stumbles a page has received.

Would anyone like to add their own wish list.

If programmers are reading, you know what to do.

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The last one is the only one i would be interested in using, so if there are any programmers reading, with little time

You know what to do 😉

You may be able to get VC funding for the ferret idea. I’d like to be able to immediately see how many stumbles, diggs and reddit points a web page got.

Great list…I think we should bring it to the WebPosition folks. Actually I approached them last year with questions about how they would update their organic prominence tool to take into consideration that traditional organic prominence reporting is dead in the face of personalized search. They did not even want to discuss it.

We need tools that report the proliferation of posts throughout the Internet.

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