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What has the Title tag ever done for me?

All this talk of using social media or social media optimisation made me rethink the basics.

You can’t get more basic than the title tag, I blogged my thoughts on how we can use the title tag over at sure it’s basic stuff. is meant for beginners, but as a long time user of seo techniques we sometimes get dazzled by the new new thing and forget the fundementals.

Take time crafting your title tags, giving them the love they deserve and they will give you love you back. Although there is debate raging about how important on page optimisation is for seo. Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land pretty much nailed the debate shut with this post. I mean, what can you add after that.

Using social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, Netscape, has made me more aware of my title tags . Making me reach for my copywriting books a bit more often.

As John Carlton says it’s all about the “incongruent juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated ideas, facts or events.”

In fact, another thing Carlton teaches is that if you want to know how to write headlines go read the National Enquirer.

Think how enticing the headline, “Boy Eats Own Head” is. Also, womens magazines are great for how to write a cool headline. Next time you are at the magazine stand looking for Linux magazines check out the front covers of Allure, Cosmopliatan, Vogue. They all have snappy, enticing, irrisistable – to the target market – sub headlines that say the maximum amount in the minimum amount of words.

Michael Fortin also blogs Carltons quote

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