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UK SEO companies needed

I want to list all the individuals and companies offering SEO service in the UK. I have taken a stab at this before with this list of SEO companies, based on specific search terms.

I now want to get a comprehensive list together, to make it easier for everyone to acquire clients and build their network. I may extend this to the rest of the world later, but right now. Home turf is where it’s at.

I will build the listings continuously, rather than it being a one-off. I’m thinking of including a geographical aspect so people can see who is local to them.
Although I will be adding most of the info, if SEO’s would like to submit five keywords regarding their services, plus a 200-word sales pitch, I will include it on the page.

Also, if you could list the key people you work with it would be useful.

I may go down the road of a Google Maps mashup if I have time.

Leave details in the comments below and I will add it to the list.

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Hi Lyndon

This is a nice idea, and one I’ll take up for graphic / web design companies. From time to time I have to pass enquiries over to other people when I’m too busy or unable to do the work, so to have a list of local companies, advertised how they want to be, would be great.

Hi Lyndon,

This looks like a great idea (and another good piece of linkbait yet again!). My details as follows: – Distilled Ltd

Location: London, Leeds

Keywords: SEO, PPC, Online Reputation Management/Online Reputation Monitoring, Linkbait (and awesomeness!)

We are a small SEO, PPC and all round SEM company offering a holistic approach to online marketing. We offer a complete package to clients and have a strong grounding in web development which allows us to bring technical skills to any SEO project. One of our differentiators is Reputation Monitor ( which is our own reputation monitoring tool. Try it for free!

Our key services include:

PPC Management
SEO consultancy
Linkbait creation
Reputation Monitoring / Reputation Management

David, if this goes well I may also extend it to web designers and copywriters. You can’t have too much of a good thing.

Tom, thanks for you listing, you are the first. If you want to stumble or digg the page you are listed on, you are welcome to. It will indirectly send you traffic and raise the pr of the page linking to you.

I am going to add, “People who work here” to the list, as it’s always useful to know who is who.

Nice idea, here is our details

Venture Skills – Retford, North Notts
Keywords: SEO, reputation management, SEO Drupal, site promotion

Reputation and search engine optimisation company based on the edge of Sherwood forest. Like many other SEO we are a small but growing company with a core full time team and part time specialists. We provide services which are expandable and affordable to all include SME’s which grow with a companies online needs. We also provide SEO, Analytics and PPC services to web design and development companies along with site reviews. Allowing the company to use our add-on services with their clients under their own brand name.

Our Services:
On site SEO and SEO specific Web development
Site Promotion
Online Brand protection and reputation management
Site reviews, Google Reinclusions and training via

Venture Skills
skype –
Tel: +44(0)8444 128805

Please add me:


Lancaster based SEO company offering a range of search engine optimisation and marketing services. Offered services include optimised web design, website optimisation, and directory submissions. SEOCO website also offers a range of articles regarding SEO techniques, Google, MSN and Yahoo, SEO tools, link building and more.


ViperChill are a UK based Internet Marketing & SEO Company. Specialising in SEO we use the power of Social Media Marketing, Content Writing and Tool Building to build links, traffic and Search Engine Rankings.

Newcastle, UK

What I am reading on the Cornwall SEO site, I like.
Here at ICT me and my team offer impartial advice and assist UK companies to successfully use ICT and e-business technologies.
We provide impartial advice and our services include e-analysis, strategy creation, project managing e-business projects, training and online marketing.
A key area of our business which is very popular is Search Engine Marketing. We are currently doing roadshows across Scotland and have been packing in businesses interested in the topics we run, such as:
Planning a website
Online Marketing including Search Engine Optimisation
Understanding Pay Per Click
Understand the need for website Analytics and what package to choose.

We also help clients choose a website development company as many small businesses do not know how to measure a good website company.
In other words how do you know the website company will change your balance sheet over time. Will the client get ROI from having this developer build their website.

A good network across the UK of Website Development companies and expert SEO specialists is what is required. We at ICT understand the architectures that work and we spend hours inside SEO sites and blogs and have many case studies of how sites performed after our ‘Make Over’ with the company and who we brought in to make the difference.

There are still too many ‘website mechanics’ some of them good, but many who are not Internet Marketer’s or understand the importance of good SEO even before the first page is designed.

I would like my company to be included in this list being compiled. Keep up the good work and everyone keep talking. This site shows there are some decent folks out there.

Adept Search Engine Optimisation specialists, have a proven record of increasing their customers sales by maximising their customer?s websites visibility to the worlds main search engines. We have researched Search Engine Optimisation over a number of years and written an in depth report, our website includes a case study that shows the positive impact of SEO.

Very Good Deal and Nice idea.

This SEO Companies list will Become a very easy to choose proper SEO company for UK ‘s Professional customers.

Twelve years of expertise makes Website-control capable to serve small and large organizations.

Website Control are experts in Natural Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per click management (PPC) & Internet marketing services.

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