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The Enormous list of SEO forums

I’ve been researching a project which invoved collecting urls of SEO forums and bulletin boards. Although not strictly a list of pure SEO forums, it has a lot of meaty search engine marketing conversations going on.

I’m interested to know how many forums people are signed up to?

PR 8

SEO Chat PR 7
V7n PR 7
Digitalpoint PR 7
Searchenginewatch PR 7

Cre8asiteforums PR 6
Submit Express PR 6
SEOguy PR 6
Highrankings PR 6
Searchguild PR 6
Searchengineforums PR 6
Webmaster-corner PR 6
htmlcenter PR 6

SEOrefugee PR 5
Seoblackhat PR 5
Syndk8 PR 5
Webworkshop PR 5 PR 5
Ihelpyou PR 5
FathomseoPR 5

seo2020 PR 4 PR 4
Sitepoint PR 4
Selfseo PR 4
vasuinfotech PR 4
Revenueresource PR 4

David Castle
PR 3
Top25web PR 3
Marketing Chat PR 3

1stsearchenginerankingsPR 2

MKpitstop PR 1

David Castle
PR 3
seo1 PR 0

They are ranked in order of PR as it’s the quickest way to get a rough layout of the most and least popular. This does not mean better, it simply means more PR. Read into that what you will.

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I like the subtle variant with your Digg submission 😉 very smooth, I would consider myself a participant in 3 of the above forums and accounts in a further 6 but make very irregular posts. I would recommend the David Castle forum but I would say that as I’m a mod over there 😉

Diggers love Google and yet hate SEOs, and yet all seo people do is help Google find great web pages to rank. So yeah, it’s sensible to give people what they want.

Each social media site has its own personality and needs to be addressed accordingly.

Over the last couple of years, I probably signed up to in excess of 300 forums, many of those are private product / service related

Most of the forums I belong to are Internet Marketing rather than Webmaster or SEO forums, and don’t appear on the list. Some actually discourage linking to the forum, yet are extremely active such as Warrior Forum.

I’m signed up with nine of the forums you’ve listed above, and read at some of the others. As an admin of one of them, I usually spend most of my time at that one.

Ash, your correct, although at the time I checked it was a zero. It seems the little green bar sometimes tells porkies.

It is now corrected.

Hey Lyndoman thanks for the mention! – You have a lot of great info on here mate, I think you kept me up all last night though 😉 – Keep up the good work!

Ps. The forums are now pr3 😉

I shall be bookmarking your on the internet website effectively, i may accumulate upwards from the possible.

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