Infographic Inspiration

Thinking of Making an Infographic? Don't

I’m not going to name names, but some people need to stop making infographics.

Look, if you don’t know what the goldern ratio is, or colour psychology or the juxtapostion of narrative elements in current popular culture against sub-conscious societal relationships, you really need to step away from the Photoshop.

Not that you wont get success, if you have an adoring network you would probably get a link if you posted a picture of a turd in the shape of John Wayne. But then you probably have a link from these fans anyway.

I know infographics have been hot for a couple of years, but what you may not know is that the kick ass infographic you just saw was made by a team of graphics graduates and researchers. Each specialising in a specific part of the production process.

I’m not going to go into a step by step guide to creating a killer infographic right now, I’m just blowing one off as I just saw a derisory infographic being pushed by an A lister.

Heres a tip, if you don’t want brown hands don’t push crap.

I put out regular, killer infographics. I do this by giving the work to people who eat, drink and breathe this stuff. And it’s very expensive, the best people always are.

BTW, if you think I am talking about you, I’m not. I am sure no one who has the intelligence to read this blog would think to put out something so gash.