SEO Audit

Do you need to increase your web traffic and don’t know where to start?


Request an SEO audit for your website and we will help solve any web traffic problems.


An SEO audit enables you to fix website problems that are stopping you getting the search engine traffic you need.

We can help fix problems on your website which may be causing you not to rank on Google.

We use our extensive knowledge and experience to research, evaluate and when we inform you of the results, we wont bombard you with a ton of SEO, techy jargon.

We will tell you the specific problems that may be blocking search engine traffic to your site and how you can easily and quickly fix them.

We know that experts like to present SEO as some form of geeky, black magic, but it’s actually straight forward, the complexity is knowing what are the actual issues hindering your web traffic and what should be ignored.

Most websites may not need a massive, deep look at every aspect, which would costs thousands. But need simple, quick fixes that are simply stopping you getting Google traffic.

Have a small, simple website but want to increase its web traffic?

We can do that.

A regular audit for a website is £459.

We do offer a basic, off the shelf package costing £150. This is simply to get the ball rolling and to identify glaring errors. It may reveal that there is more work to be done, or it may just solve your problem.

No point in paying extra when you don’t need it.

Book your SEO audit now and boost your website traffic. Fill in the form above or pay now and book your spot.

We also offer a “micro audit”, this highlights basic problems that an expert eye can quickly find. Most smaller sites only require this, and larger sites can test our offering this way. Book a micro SEO audit here.