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The Myth of Organic Links

Organic Links

There are no natural links

There are no organic links

But wait, all the seo industry keep banging on about you must have natural this and organic that.

What I say to that is, “we are not discussing peaches”.

And I love a good peach

Quite simply, and I hate to say this as I have a lot of friends (and I even do it myself) doing the natural/organic, shuffle.

The reason it exists is one of marketing, rather than something that accurately describes what it does.

In other words, it’s guff

It’s marketing guff

Very effective marketing guff.

As an industry we need to label complex, machine based processes with easy to use fluffy, psuedo hippy terms like “organic”. This helps us sell a service that is imperfect, and hide the fact that we don’t totally know what the hell is going on because Google wont tell us.

Google will hint that we need to build fields of lush, verdant organic links without a tinge of blackhat (another guff word) pesticide.

The problem with this is that this is how marketing people talk. But Google is run run by engineers and what we are dealing with is a highly engineered, efficient machine.

This is the thing to remember

Google is a machine

What the hell is organic about that?

Machines are process led, they repeat tasks, they create patterns. Not that you could possibly backward engineer Google. It is one of the most incredible things man has created, I could throw out some mind blowing stats here but you probably already know.

The Google bot is a machine, but we should be creation content for human beings, content that is amazing, magnificent. And it should attract links that humans have been inspired to give.

Create for humans and not the bot, and please leave the organic stuff at home. It smells.

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