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Hi, I thought about writing one of those voodoo sales letters that hypnotises and draws you into the sales letter where the only action that satisfies is to buy no matter what.
But that’s just not my style.

I’m looking for happy, repeat customers and the harsh truth is this offer is not for everyone. I don’t want you to buy if you are not yet familiar with this technique or not in a position to reap the rewards.

Don’t worry I haven’t gone nuts, trying to sell you something and then telling you not to buy. I only have a certain amount of spots available and prefer that people who are really going to benefit sign up and I doubt I will have problems selling out. Which is nice as I can give it to you straight and without fluff.

The offer is not for beginners and is not meant to be implemented in isolation, it is meant to plug a hole in your overall link building strategy and take care of the long tail and IP diversity issues. Some combine it with a paid link or a guest posting technique and other editorial based techniques.

Effective link building draws a number of techniques from the link building toolbox, but you knew that anyway right.

Here’s the offer

  • 1 x 500 word, human written article, written to be read (not spun)
  • Placement on a high ranking Web 2.0 property
  • Article is written within the context of the niche
  • Up to three links can be placed in the article, one to the target site and up to two to other articles placed by us
  • Links will contain keywords you provide us with
  • Full reporting of where articles have been placed with urls and keywords supplied.
  • Article is blasted using various methods to ensure indexing, after being published

Sites we use include:

  • Posterous
  • Weebly
  • Tumblr
  • Squidoo
  • Hubpages
  • Blogspot
  • Quizilla

This is a short snapshot of the sites we use, we have over 40 sites in our database which is constantly reviewed. New sites are added when tested and pass quality control.
We may be including our private domain network in the future.


We decided to let the market set the price and after looking what is available and factoring out emphasis on reliability and quality control we have arrived at the massive price of £15 per article/link.

Due to work flow efficiencies we are setting the minimum order at 16 articles at £240.

Our capacity for the amount of articles done each month is several hundred, but once that is gone we will have to close for new orders that month.

If we do sell out regularly, we will increase the capacity, whilst keeping the quality level.

We take payment direct to our bank, which is preferred or Paypal, where you can pay by credit card if you so wish.

To order:

Email me at lyndon@cornwallseo in a spreadsheet format, preferably .csv or .xls:

  • Number of articles required
  • Keywords to include as anchor text
  • Theme or niche

I will then send an email back with availability and an invoice. Once payment is received we will process your order within the month and send a full report. Although the work can be completed in 7 to 10 days.

Email me if you have further questions.

Lyndon Antcliff

P.S Sorry, no porn, gambling or illegal stuff or anything that is going to get me in trouble with Bubba.

I retain the right to refuse to accept any work for whatever reason whatsoever.

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