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Great Online Marketing Posts for April

Great info on ranking in Google and increasing your website traffic. Some really interesting stuff here.
Hope you find this useful
Blog Posts
The Secrets Behind Content With 10,000+ Shares
The Explosive Power of the Retweet Revealed by Twitter
Infographic Link Building: Reverse Image Search
The Upside of Being Ordinary And Obvious
How To Optimize Your Twitter Marketing
The Dirty Little Secret Of Overnight Success
How to Create a Successful Editorial Calendar
10 Reasons Why We Love Making [and Reading] Lists
44 Must Read Resources on Content Marketing
26 Elements of a Gamification Marketing Strategy
Pinterest – Spammers Are A Girl’s Best Friend
How To Filter Your Twitter Stream by Using Twitter Lists
Building a Link Development Calendar
55 top tips and tricks from LinkLove London 2012
How to monitor your website for link equity loss
1 Simple Trick To Getting Millions Of YouTube Views
Social networking goes to work
Online Selling to the Subconscious
Pinterest Popped: Why It Won’t Drive Traffic To Your Site
Thought Leaders and Failures of Digital Integration: Why I’m Rejecting Inbound Marketing
Displaying Social Proof – What the Marketing Experts Use
The Talent of Persuading Social Tribes is more effective than pure SEO archives, dated Jan, 2007
Content Curation Guide for SEO – What, How, Why
Proofing for Problems – SEO and Web Development
Get to let bloggers know about your content as they create blog posts
Explore what your followers are talking about
Easy subscribe to rss from Chrome
A #winning 12 Stage Hustle Process for Link Building
Find people asking questions about stuff you know
List of the top influential 100 people in the World
Jason Fried on Marketing Through Sharing
Coca Cola Content 2020 Part One This is goodWebsites
The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup ArtistsResources…_external_debt

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Thank you for writing it, there are some real gems in that list.

Wow Lyndon, ever thinking about throwing together a post like this with a tool? I left a link for you. It’s a time saver and maybe you like it the old fashioned way. BUT you can also load up the feeds from sites that on your radar and drop them right into wordpress. That Coca Cola video for example would show up with the text link all at once. And I’m sure you can find some great customized uses with your Linking teams if you buy multiple licenses. Of course, I can only guess from in front of closed doors 🙂

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