Content Publishers Mastermind Group

Content Publishers

An invitation to apply to join the inner circle of the Content Publishers Mastermind Group, run by Lyndon Antcliff

You will benefit from this mastermind group if:

  • You publish content online to market your products/services/websites.
  • You are looking for insights, ideas, problem solving.
  • You desire to have access to a trusted and experienced group of people.

Membership is strictly controlled as this is an elite group with a maximum membership of 25 people.

Membership fees are £250 + VAT. If you know Lyndon and are familiar with their extensive experience in this area, and the high value that this mastermind group offers.

Sign up here if you already have an invite. Let me know if you need the VAT free link.

These are some of the problems you may have:

  • Creative ideas are not flowing fast enough.
  • You desire to discuss issues with peers rather than co-workers.
  • Where can I get new ideas to hook up with influencers?
  • How can I get fresh eyes on a project from people I trust?
  • What other cutting edge, content marketing techniques am I missing?

If you are a mid to high level content marketer, responsible for conceiving of campaigns, managing them or even presenting campaigns to clients, or all three, this group is for you.

It’s hard to talk about certain issues with the people you work with and even your clients. There is real advantage in being part of a community, a tribe which has experienced similar problems, that is led by experienced, trusted people who have dealt with content marketing problems at all levels.

There is no need to be alone, or to seek out the information in the wild world of the blogosphere. The chances are someone in the group has already had the problem and has solved it.

When you are so focused on implementation, on processes and improving profit, it’s hard to be creative, to see things in a different light. A group of trusted peers can brainstorm more than enough killer ideas. The group is led by two of the most experienced content creators in the UK, and over the years they have dealt with clients at the very highest of the food chain, coaching individuals who have gone on to create millions of pounds worth of marketing.

Tap into this resource and get the right kind of help for your problem and avoiding wasting your valuable time.

High status people have difficulty in finding help that is suitable for the work they do and confidentiality is of high importance. There are free, open to all groups out there, but these are incredibly noisy and people who are giving advice are not vetted and their experience verified.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go to a place, where you can ask questions and get help from your peers? We put together this group for just that reason. We lead it with the intention to share our many years of knowledge and experience and to also allow the benefits of networking, collaboration with peers and to discuss new cutting edge techniques other have found to work.

How does it work?

  • We host a one hour video conference each week, it’s mostly audio and screen share so no need to worry about being on camera.
  • There is a Facebook group for discussions sharing of files and requests for help.
  • You can contact Lyndon at anytime over email with regards to membership issues.
  • We send out a weekly email newsletter regarding news of the group and any interesting items spotted that week.

We would like to price this at £500 a month, as consultation given and the problems solved have a huge value. However because we want to reward friends and loyal fans, we will make this an initial price of only £250. This will be grandfathered in, so even when we raise the price you will only ever pay this amount.

The numbers will have to be limited to no more than 25 people. We feel it needs to be big enough to really get the benefit of a tribe, but small enough to allow us to give as much personal attention as we can.

This group is not suitable for most people, it is only for those who can implement the level of assistance given. It is only for people who have 5 years or more in the business.

We do require that if you are not known to us that we arrange a telephone or Skype call to assess if this group is for you, and will reject those we don’t think are a good fit, saving everyone a lot of time and money.