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An alternative headline would be, How to get people to do what you want by taking your thumb out of your ass! But I thought that may be too fruity at this time in the morning.

Another day another slew of “link builders”, “pr people” and rapscallions contacting me on email requesting to use up some of my brain cycles on them (dude, they are finite) and I need to keep them for coming up with magnetic headlines.

What I like to establish are people’s bona fides. and I like to use latin whenever I can.

From Wikipedia

Good faith (Latin: bona fides) is a concept used in law and philosophy which denotes fair and open dealing in human interactions. This is often thought to require sincere, honest intentions or beliefs, regardless of the outcome of an action. The opposed concepts are bad faith, mala fides (duplicity) and perfidy (pretense). In law, bona fides is the concept having good intentions and honesty in dealings with others. In American English the usage of bona fides is synonymous with credentials and identity.

Al Swearengen a canny political operator would have made a good SEO and link builder, and if you haven’t yet seen Deadwood, find time.

If you are going to make a habit out of contacting SEO bloggers you need to:

  • Have your bona fides ready
  • Know the person they are contacting
  • Be prepared for a back and forth email convo
  • Communicate as if you are talking to a real person and not an automated, link building machine
  • Know of the work the person you are contacting does
  • Be respectful and gracious at all times, remember, it’s you who wants something from them.

One last point, please remember that human interaction is not a technique.

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