Best UK Web Host for WordPress

I chose Siteground, as the server company when I want to host a WordPress install in the UK.

  1. They are competitive on price.
  2. Servers based in the UK
  3. Great support, quick, know their stuff and no fuss.
  4. WordPress moves and fresh installs easy peasy.
  5. Servers are fast enough to offer great SEO.

My current server is US based, Dreamhost. Which I am very happy with as have a long relationship, but for UK clients I recommend Siteground.

Getting the right server for your WordPress host is crucial. I have had many in the past, big and small. I remember back in 2003 hosting with a one-man band who never seemed to sleep and would make live server changes at the keyboard whilst I waited on the phone.

He was great, but eventually got bought out. I have found the small operators are usually the best. Avoid the big corporate types who advertise on TV like the plague. The problem with the small but nifty outfits is they tend to get bought out by bigger, slower moving entities. I won’t name names of where this has happened already in enough trouble.

Yes, of course, these are affiliate links, it would be nuts not to add aff links to places I vouch for, plus I need to buy a new pair of socks, the current ones have holes. So if you do make a purchase through these links, thank you all over.

And of course, if you wish to cut me out and let the business keep its commission by Googling the company and going direct. You can do that, but know this. My toes will still be cold.