Infographic Inspiration

A few Thoughts on Buying Infographics

Infographics are probably one of the most effective way of getting links these days if done correctly. The problem is that they are expensive, even if you do them yourself the investment in time is hefty. Even in this space, SEO Infographics can deliver the goodies.

We offer an Infographic service with a proven track record, and it’s the single most expensive service we offer.

If you can’t afford to pay, you can’t afford to play.

The problem is, if 10% of your niche are building huge amounts of links by creating and promoting infographics, that will be the 10% which will probably rank the highest. Not that you have to do infographics, but it means you will need to work harder in other areas to compete.

You tend not to see the bad infographics as they tend not to get promoted and shared. But most infographics have many hours of expensive researchers and graphic designers working on them.

It’s not something you can easily outsource, as it takes cultural knowledge and a high degree of skill to craft something at high level.

When something is hard to do it’s worth doing

When something gets results and most people find it very hard to do it’s worth doing, because most people don’t like doing that which is hard.

You are competing with a smaller pool of competitors.

I took my time getting into infographics because you need the right team who can produce at a consistent level. It takes time and investment to put a team together and of course people move on to other things and so the machine does need constant attention. But once that is taken on board, it’s not that difficult.

Single webmasters and small business do not have the resources or skills to be able to compete and so it’s to agencies to supply at a reasonable rate. I say reasonable, but it’s still a large chunk of change for most people reading this. The service is really for those business who are making a six figure sum.

However, and for some this is the really important bit. Big corporations with slow thinking/acting marketing departments don’t get it and can’t act with the required speed and understanding and so are vulnerable to this form of guerilla marketing.

So, if you want to attack a larger corporation that is a bit stuck in the 90’s, infographics is the tool of choice.

One only has to look at how has dominated the US financial rankings with huge amounts spent on Infographics.

In fact an infographic on the metrics of Mint Infographics may well be quite juicy.