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60 Second Website Review of The Raw Chocolate Company

This is a 60 second website review for the Raw Chocolate Company

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The website is the, it sells snacks based on the raw food concept and follows an ethical path, sourcing foods from Fairtrade suppliers.

The main things that struck me about was:

* Clarity of purpose
* Fresh design
* Strong brand image and ethos
* Aspirational tribe, strong lifestyle image

Raw chocolate

Products – Raw chocolate bar
The design of this website is clear, fresh and tells me exactly what it wants me to do. It wants me to buy one of it’s products and love the brand.

How it all started
The founder gives insight into lifestyle and ethos, and the desire to create an ethical and aspirational brand, which builds emotional attachment to the brand as we respond to personal information in a positive way.

The design is vibrant and reflects the products in its design without being cliched, cynical or too obvious.

Our story Brand ambassador – Kjersti Buaas
The “our story”, section, allows us to experience the journey the founder has taken and a look at the lifestyle of evangelist, Kjersti Buaas, as we are taken on a journey of snowboarding and wild Icelandic fjords.

Malawi orphanage
The website supports charities and causes, listing them on the site, and you get the feeling this is not just marketing, but they actually mean it, giving you a further reason to love the brand.

How could the site improve:

The blog could do with some work. For example a 12 minute interview with the founder was linked to, this should have been embedded into the site with further thoughts from the founder given.

Most sites fail to give clarity of purpose and instead present you with a confusing amount of options, which leads to cognitive confusion. This can induce a negative emotional response, which is then associated to the brand.

This connection with life style re-enforces the themes of the tribe of health, living life to the full and having great experiences. This is the emotional image that the target tribe aspires to. Without concentrating on the fact that the food may well be eaten in an office cubicle under fluorescent lighting, whilst thinking of the hellish commute which awaits.

The biggest asset to the brand is the founder, Linus Gorpe and the website reveals enough of him to want you wanting more. I expect a book and possibly a TV show to follow. But I would like to see “A day in the life of….” stories on the blog. I would also like to see some of the rabid fans (which I am sure exists) interviewed on the blog.

Businesses such as this have the tendency to stop when they get to the objective of giving the founders a specific lifestyle. But you get the feeling that the people behind this business and website are evangelists and such will build a strong brand and tribe.

In conclusion:

This site achieves its objectives very well. It is more about building a tribe and brand, rather than worrying too much about Google and in this social media world that can only be a good thing.

No Raw chocolate Goji berries were exchanged for this review. Although if I am sent some I will be very happy.

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