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5 Reasons I love

I took a screenshot of the Mybloglog widget I have on my blog. I have highlighted 5 people I think are worthy of mention.

mybloglog widget

Danny Is the godfather of search. What he doesn’t know about the business isn’t worth knowing.

Michael Fortin is one of the best copywriters in the business. He is very generous with his knowledge and time, and his blog and forum is packed with useful and juicey information.

Jeremy Shoemoney, aka Shoemoney has risen to fame and glory in the search world by being extremly successful with marketing his websites. He is also very generous with information and his time. He hosts a popular podcast on called Net Income. He once helped me with a php question in the chat room once and is a top bloke.

Michael Gray is a fast rising star in the seo firmament. He knows his stuff when it comes to social media and has a populare search marketing blog where cutting edge issues are taken to task.

OK, sickening hero worship over.

Thing is, these guys have all helped me on my way in my web development career and I haven’t paid any of them a penny. The fact that in this industry the movers and shakers come and visit your blog simply because of the words you type reinforces that fact that this is the best industry in the world.

Also, the fact that I have this information makes me love the fact that exists which brings me to number 5 Scott Rafer. He is the guy who runs and now has $10 million dollars in his back pocket courtesy of Yahoo.

I wonder whose going to turn up next?

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It’s not hard at all, chose half size pics, I think I have ten rows and 200px wide. Just play around with it till it looks how you want, it would be funny to make it stretch across the the top of the page in one long row.

Thanks for popping my bubble Brian. 😉

Well I hope Danny got his account back with not too much pain.

I guess it’s time to hit the keyboard again to create the content to merit a visit.

But at least Brian Turner has visited my site.

You write excellent stuff over at SEOmoz.

Now I have seen your blog I have added it to my linkroll.

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