10 Link Bait Tips

If someone asked me what are the 10 best linkbait tips around, this is what I would tell them.

1. Define why you want to get links. This will provide information about how to go about it, the more information you have the better.

2. Define who you want to get your links from? If your answer to this is, “I just need more links”, try to understand that it is easier to get links from a specific target than a general one. If you want a link off authority news media, such as the BBC, Telegraph etc. it becomes easier to target those sites and the people that run them.

3. Define the people you want to get links from. People give links, not websites.

4. Define the type of content that people you want links from link to.

5. Define the type of headlines that the people you want links from link to.

6. Create your content slowly, make many drafts and many false starts. The first thoughts you create tend to be the same as everybody else. Create exceptional content.

7. Stand out, don’t be like everybody else, even if it means getting a slagging. Powerful linkbait will disrupt and break out of your intended target base and go uncontrollably viral. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

8. Linkbait for scanners not readers. People will try to impress you by telling you they read on the web, even if they are telling the truth they are in a small minority. People who use the web mainly scan, this has been proved by countless testing. Make your content easily and quickly digestible, segments of text, bolded subheading, imagery, video etc.

9. Shake things up. Don’t be afraid to annoy people, subjects usually have a number of interested groups. One group may hate what you did with a wild rage. Focus on the silent majority. Good linkbait always attracts haters who are bitter about other peoples success. Concentrate on the objective, if a whack job links and says what an idiot the creator of the content is, consider job done.

10. Download the voice recorder for your iPhone. Whaddya mean you don’t have an iPhone? When you are walking, at dinner, watching a movie, taking part in a triathalon, record your linkbait ideas. Imagination seems to work best when allowed to roam and ramble.

11. Link bait is about getting links, that is the objective. Not adulation on twitter, not people saying nice things about you, not having an seo rockstar invite you over for tiffin, not avoiding the whack jobs on social sites. Focus on the links, stay on target.

12. Understand the psychology of people. For example when making a list of 10 you will always find someone will point out the fact you have gone over. This is indicative of predictive behaviour, people tend to be creatures of habit and repeat the same thing over and over. Even though I have pointed this out the temptation for someone to highlight the mistake is just too tempting.