Why I dumped Friends on Facebook

At one point I had a few thousand “friends” on Facebook, most of these were business rather than personal. Not really trusting FB to keep the separation between business and personal as solid as I would like, I have set up a new FB account for this blog.

I realise you can set up fan pages and groups, but I wanted an FB account that was completely owned by Cornwall SEO and to be branded definitively with the blog and the link building business that Cornwall SEO offers.

So, you may find that I have removed you from my personal account, This isn’t because I hate your guts and curse the very ground you walk upon, but it’s the best way I can think of doing it. It would be nice if I could press a button and it all transfer everyone but it is what it is.

If you still think it’s worth connecting with me and Cornwall SEO on Facebook you can do so with this link.

It would be cool if you gave the like button on the right a tinkle too.

If you have an interest in Online Marketing and specifically social media marketing and link building, you may find it very useful.

See you on the FB.