Gonzo SEO

I hate aspiring writers who bang on about HST as if invoking the name of Mr Thompson will somehow make them writerly Gods. Take your heroes, burn them. Then spread the ashes on your toast as you wait for you latest bittorrent of Manga to download. However, for those who know what gonzo journalism is […]

Why are SEO Blogs Really Boring

I find most other blogs in the industry I inhabit really boring. Mostly because they are not meant for me, their purpose for existence is not to entertain or inform me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Here’s what I notice though. A lot of people slag off blogs because they don’t give them […]

What are the most popular WordPress plugins

A web host has conducted research on how many wordpress blogs they host and what are the most popular plugins are. The top most used are not surprising, but it’s always useful to see what people are using to see if a certain plugin can solve a specific problem. Source, webhost Dreamhost

Getting the Blogging Mojo Back

For one reason or another I stopped blogging, stopped writing. Which is a shame as I really like the process and it’s something I do well (haven’t the time to be modest this morning). Most of the problem is simple distraction, too much going on, too many possibilities, even too much success. Sometimes you have […]

Hosting Problems

It’s always the same, on the eve of a product launch the server decides to get all emotional. The chaps at Dreamhost are working on it, although nothing is obviously wrong. It sounds like an errant script is deciding to loop and hogging the data. Server management is always one of those things that I […]