Which Newsjacking gets the most attention

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Here’s a list of the most popular Newsjacking Alerts content we have put on this blog in order of most unique views:

For the past two weeks, I have been putting the normal output of part of the Newsjacking forum on Linbkait Coaching on this blog. These newsjacking reports will soon form the backbone of the Newsjackingalerts.com email service which should be launched next week.

Newsjacking is where you create linkbaity content around a news hook and add your own sping to it so you can get links either within your niche or further afield. The technique has existed as long as my internet memory goes back, but it’s only the past few years the term has become popular.

Newsjackingalarts.com is a spin off from my £200 a month coaching program where I help people become better linkbaiters. It saves a huge amount of time trawling the news sites and can give you that killer idea which can give you a huge, viral hit. You get an email alert at least three times a week, and a weekly digest of all the alerts that week.

Some people have asked for more details about it as they find it difficult to get your head around. There is nothing like this out there right now, to put it simply it’s like having the ideas for content from places like Buzzfeed, Mashable, etc. before they go live with it.

It’s powerful stuff, a lot of agencies do it in-house, but I want to give the edge to those with smaller resources.

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