Newsjacking a Royal Baby


Writing the headline made me think that I may get put in the Tower for suggesting.

This is a no brainer and if you are in the baby niche, you’ve probably been covering this for sometime or have content ready to go for todays birth.

You don’t need me to tell you this is happening so lets go straight to ideas:

How much does a Royal Baby cost?
Common words the media use to describe baby
How many Terrabytes will Royal Baby create on day one
10 Royal baby fans and their medication
10 Reasons American media goes nuts for a Royal baby


News mashup, take the news of the day that the baby was born on and mash it up. Superman Batman movie, Tour de France.

Comment on how the media and internet are talking about it, Twitter, Facebook etc. for example loves to talk about itself and their impact on the world.

Creating an infographic is of course obvious, but on what? You will have a lot of competition, I am sure there will be one detailing other baby information that will be happening that day. But this is the stuff that journalists love, because you are helping them write their story. Putting all the facts together in an easily digestible package.

We don’t know what we don’t know

As the story progresses new information will be produced. If you are poised, prepared, ready to take advantage of new developments you may get the edge. Although there is big competition to create content around this story, there is also a big desire for information that engages. So it definitely worth investing time.

To all Mothers and new born babies, may your happiness be huge and may your sorrow be small.

This is an article from the forthcoming Newsjacking Alerts service