Those Who Never do Anything, Never Make Mistakes

Hands up, I made a mistake in publishing mental linkbait here, I think I got swept away on the success of it. The only way to ever avoid mistakes is to never do anything, balls to that.

Did I make a mistake with writing the original article, abso-friggin-lutely not, I would not have changed one thing, ok maybe one thing, I would have changed the name of the main protagonist to one of my long time mates, lol.

I realise success brings the haters out of the woodwork, most of them don’t seem to do much themselves so I guess they feel they can get a bit of heat from slagging my success. I think Jeremy Shoemaker has a lot of wise word to say about this.

Will I be stopping evil linkbait, absolutely not. This whole talk of ethics in marketing is utter bullshit as far as I am concerned. My focus is results, that’s what I do. Don’t agree with the way I do business? Fine, no problem, don’t hire me. I have no interest in the ethical debate with regards to marketing.

Does that mean that every piece work I do for a client is going to be a certain nature? No, every client is different, it totally depends on how far the client wants to turn the dial. Some clients would not want, 15 Adult Pygmies mistakenly beaten by headmaster, on their site, even though it could bring links.

You pick the best tool for the job and if a resource based linkbaitdoes the trick, that is what you go for, obviously the more competitive the sector the more aggressive you have to be.

Which leads me to another point, paying $3,000 for a piece of linkbait is not cost effective for everyone, you have to be able to monetise at a high level and not everyone is playing in these leagues.

Should linkbait be the only thing you do? Absolutely not. I would say your overall linkbuilding profile should be about 10% linkbait and 90% other linkbuilding techniques. You have to have correct anchor text to have a chance with certain keywords and linkbait is too big a beast for such finesse.

I noticed Linkmoses called linkbait the Paris Hilton of linkbuilding, or something like that. And I would totally agree, but what you have to remember is that this vapid heiress made $2,000,0000 last year. Not so dumb, she is working with what she has and she does it very well. The fact that people are talking about her means that as a marketing machine she is well oiled. Yes, you probably don’t want her over for tea and cake. I doubt she cares. I may expand on this analogy in another post as I rather like it.

Linkbait can cover a lot of sins. If you are working in a competitive industry and you want a bunch of natural organic links from many different IP numbers, linkbait can be most excellent for this. Which is why a lot of blackhats use the technique and possibly why it’s getting a bad rep.

I have learned early on that I am not in the seo business or even the linkbait business. I am in the publishing business and adapted my tactics accordingly, sure they grind up against the hippy-dippy, free love, whitehat, ethical obsessed ranty mob, but i don’t do this to make friends.

I ask you. What will get you results, some piece of content that drills into the brain of reader and hypnotizes them into giving up a link? Or some poorly written, boring, but completely truthful and sensible account of the subject matter.

I sell my writing for marketing purposes, you only have to look at the successful marketers to see that they push the limits of their craft.

I have plans to push even further.

18 thoughts on “Those Who Never do Anything, Never Make Mistakes”

  1. Well said, Lyndon. Frankly I’ve been mildly amused to the reaction your original post brought. Particularly over at Sphinn. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen marketing take the moral high ground 😉
    As for the original story, well you only have to look at the famous Sun headline ‘Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster’, to realise that ‘real journalism’ will do anything for a few extra coins in the coffers. I look forward to more of the same 🙂

  2. I can see what you’re saying, but this reads a lot like a “I’m totally unrepentant and I’d do it again in a flash — but [insert veiled apology here…]”

    If you have no time for either ethics or excuses, why bother writing this post?

  3. @Nick, I think Sphinn has a certain culture, I see it as similar to when a bunch of trainspotters get together and find out there is someone who prefers buses in their midst. I don’t for one minute take it seriously as there is not one person who I respect professionally or link to or even read their blogs. I don’t even know what most of them actually do.

    I think the worst thing I can do is get distracted by the vocal minority who seem to have an awful lot of time on their hands. It may stop me in my quest to bring down the whole western media, muhahahah.

    @wayne, dude, you read it wrong, I would do exactly the same thing in a flash, the only mistake I made was blogging about it.

    If you can’t figure out why I blog, I doubt you will understand any answer I give.

  4. Lyndon, as I said, I understand perfectly what you’re driving at.

    So try holstering that hostility of yours. I might be blunt, but I’m not attacking you.

    As a concession, I am the cautious kind you speak of. I like all my ducks in a row and rarely gamble.

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t care why you blog. If it works for you, then fine.

    But my question still stands — why even write this article?

  5. @Wayne, lol, hostile, are you kidding me? Where does that come from? Terse maybe but not hostile.

    I wrote the article so i could communicate the many points within it, that’s why most people write stuff. I kinda expect people understand that’s what happens on a blog, people write stuff.

    I don’t really know what you are getting at, I think about stuff and then I write it, it’s not a big mystery.

  6. Lyndoman, do you really think it was a mistake to publish that post? Didn’t it act as linkbait itself? Even though a bunch of high brow snobs turned their noses up at it, they are still talking about you and your service. I’d say that’s a successful post.

  7. @skitzzo, yes, but not because of what’s raging on Sphinn, or because some people think what I did is evil, it’s because I should have saved it for my coaching program, plus I don’t want future clients to think I am indiscrete.

    It’s a shame as I love to get the “usual suspects” riled up, I think people like Shoemoney and Calacanis do it brilliantly and I aspire to that. Not that I agree with everything they say, but I love their couldn’t give a toss attitude.

    I really don’t care what people think, I care more about making moolah.

  8. TBH I think you care to a certain degree Lyndon.

    I agree with the removal of the post and with hindsight [gawd, we all could do so much better with that] to write the infamous ‘Mental’ post was only a mistake in letting others have a peek into your workings, nothing else.

    I can’t talk for those who have crusaded against you because I ain’t one of them. I salute you for a job well done and remember to keep that friggin cat in the bag. 🙂

  9. @paul, I only care about opinions of people I respect in the industry, if certain people had said “what the hell are you doing?” I would totally listen, but come on, the people who are moaning about this are people who tend to moan about everything. How can I really care?

    How can I care about what people say when they say linkbait is ineffective? There is no point in even trying to argue with someone as dense as that.

    I dunno, maybe they are fans of Fox news and they are pissed they got jipped. Maybe they are the secret love child of Rupert Murdoch and Anne Coulter, lol.

  10. To clarify Lyndon — I’m not saying you care for those that denounce you – jeez even trying to understand their thought-process makes no sense – from the area I’m from those types hold no water at all – they remind me of some repenting church of the SEO poisoned mind.

  11. Hey Lyndon,
    I heard about your hugely successful link bait and wanted to congratulate you for that. That’s crazy stuff and it’s scary how much influence we as Internet marketers really have.

    As for all the controversy, I think it’s actually good for your business. There are always going to be haters – the more you have the more successful it shows you are.

    In the end, you’ve seen success and no one can take that away.

    My only concern is that fake stories like that that get exposed are going to cause mainstream media to be more skeptical and cautious of bloggers in the future. Kinda like how Gizmodo pulled a prank at CES the first year bloggers were awarded press passes.

  12. Congrats on a runaway success, Lyndon. Nearly 15k links to an article, good job. Unfortunately, still not in top 100 of Google UK for “credit cards”.

    Btw, there was a good question asked: if you publish fake stories, is hurting credibility more harmful, than the short-term traffic and links? Do you think there’s a line of going too far and losing more, than you get, with linkbait?

  13. Hey Lyndon,

    Now I am really upset. After reading this post and the heated discussion in the comments, I am so angry I can just burst!

    Will I never find out what mental linkbait is? Am I to continue living in this tormenting state?

    Lyndon – please send me a copy of the post. I promise not to republish it.

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