How not to ask for a three way link exchange

I received the generic, unsolicited email below asking me to link to crap website 1 and I will get a link back from crap website 2.

Firstly It’s obvious that this is an auto generated email running through a bunch of urls targeting “cornwall”. If they actually read this site they would realise I am an SEO consultant and an SEO blogger. Not the kind of site that will link to a spammy link scheme.

Second, it’s not a pr3 link it’s a pr2, I guess they havn’t caught up with the latest pr change. C’mon guys it’s only a generic email template. Changing is easy.

Third, you really think Google can’t figure out 3 way link structures? Of course they can. What they do with that information is anyones guess, but I doubt they will do nothing. A three way link is a lot easier to detect than paid links.

Check out this thread at Webmaster world
, particularly this quote from “vite_rts”,

My Contribution to this is that I see a lot off sites with 1,000s of incoming links, seriously out ranked in the SERPs by sites with just about 100 inlinks

Here is an example of a request to a 3 way link scheme, my advice is to not indulge.

To the Webmaster/ Website Administrator We are currently undertaking link building work for our client and would like to propose a link exchange to benefit both our client?s website and your own. We will provide a high quality PR3 home page link from one of our own websites: ( which is well regarded by the major search engines. Your link will be placed on a quality, content driven page which will drive targeted traffic to your website and help in search engine rankings. Our client would like you to link back to the URL ( not the URL listed above. This will provide a mutually beneficial one way link to both your website and our client?s website which will be far more effective than reciprocating links. If you do not want to be contacted by us in the future, please accept our apologies for this email. Please reply to this email with ?no thanks? in the subject line and we will remove you from our potential partners list. If you are interested, please email me when you have added our client?s link, being sure to include the URL location of the link you have added. Also include details of your link that you would like added. We’ll notify after we’ve added your link so you can inspect it. Please use only the link details listed below for the outgoing link Cornwall tourist information, walking in Cornwall, walking Cornwall, walks Cornwall, Cornwall leisure, things to do in Cornwall Many thanks in advance – please contact me with any queries. Lucille Link Building Account Manager ? Sniper Marketing Sniper Marketing UK

BTW I wont “out”, sites to the search engines, but if you send me spam like the above I may use it in an attempt to educate that such practices are not the best way to go. At least not for a site you are marketing long term.

10 thoughts on “How not to ask for a three way link exchange”

  1. Nice and interesting, really compare reciprocal link, 3 way link is best, i don’t thing so, but we can make traffic through this. one problem is they should give link to our related sites, if they don’t have means , our requesting is waste only, in my point of view reciprocal link is best, but i will try out three way links too. because i impressed 3 way link after read your blog. thanks for your effective blog.

  2. What is the best way to do it? if you cannot do 3 way links and reciprocal links. I agree with you that I also get a lot of these emails but I only exchange with related links.. if the link is good for my visitors.

  3. I thought the three way link exchange was in vogue. But now I understrand the concept . Thanks a lot!

  4. But a lot of sites has been ranking at the top pages using this technique’s. It’s just the way they ask for it that annoys me, sometimes even unrelated sites, those emails usually ends up in my spam box.

  5. So has anyone had any success with 3-way linking? I see a lot of automated programs on the net where you sign up and put some PHP code on your links page. This PHP code automatically fills with links to other sites. The whole thing is controlled by the site you sign up to, so that the sites you link out to (which also have this PHP code installed) don’t link back to you, but instead link out to a third site, then this third site (which also has the code installed) links to you. I *imagine* sometimes this third site links to a fourth and the fourth links back toy you, or maybe the fifth. So this is 3-way, 4-way and 5-way link exchanges! Anyone had any success with these automated schemes?

    If the search engines do start clamping down on 3, 4 and 5-way link exchanges then they risk devaluing legitimate links! Surely there’s a limit to how far they will go in clamping down on this.

    Search engines must by now realise that in this day and age nobody will link to you without some benefit in return – either a backlink or payment. So doesn’t that make the whole of Google’s pagerank algorithm almost obsolete?

  6. reciprocal links are obsolete, i have a lot a lot sites linking to mine but only a few are considered for Google, i ask the same as Sandy: What is the best way to do it?

  7. What is the best way to do LinkBuilding. Is Reciprocal Link Building Still exists. What kind of strategies we need to go for Back Linking. 3 Way Linking or 4 Way Linking? Please Suggest.

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