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Social Media Optimization round up

I keep finding a ton of cool articles about linkbait and social media optimization.

I thought I would list the best ones here to save you the trouble of finding them.

Are you Linkbaiting the right audience? by Eric Ward on
Forget ABCs – The Social Media Alphabet Is DNRS
Neil Patel on

Don?t Digg Being Dugg
Titles, Descriptions and Digg
The rise of “Made For Digg” websites
There’s More to Digg Than Meets the Eye
There is more to social media then links

Optimizing your social media – includes video of Todd Mailicoat and Neil Patel

Social Media ? Under the Microscope Some interesting data on Diggs. However, motivation seems to be to get traffic, to me that is not the goal. The goal is to get links. The traffic is inconsequential.

2007 Guide To Linkbaiting: The Year Of Widgetbait? Great post by Nick Wilson, Linkbaiter General.

Link Ninjas vs. Bait Pirates
So Long Press Release, Helloooo Social Media
Action Tracking by Referral Source & the Linkbait Bump
Some hard data on linkbaiting and social media traffic.
Search Engine Land: December 2006 Statistics Review
More data on social media traffic, this time from

Debunking ?Why do people submit their stories on digg??

Social Media Traffic Isn’t Useless
If you think it’s the traffic search media optimizers are after, you would be wrong. It’s the links.

B.L. Ochman’s 12 Tenets of Social Media Marketing

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Mybloglog server problems

With reluctance I have taken down the Mybloglog widget due to it taking an enormous time to load and slowing down the whole site.

Hopefully they will nip down to Bestbuy and buy a few more servers. I will put the widget back as soon as the treacle problem has been sorted out.

I have noted a number of other sites are doing the same thing, it will be a shame if the service becomes a victim of its’ success.

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SEO is fundamentally a set of methodologies

I read a ton of SEO blogs each day, you learn that there are some blogs simply blogging about what other blogs have wrote, and there are other blogs which produce unique, intelligent, useful information.

One of them is by Lee Odden.

I’m breaking my golding rule which is not to blog about what others have blogged about, but only because I want to point out how cool the blog post was. Check out SEO for Newbies.

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Are Search Engine Optimizers hiding satanic messages in their code?

I am old enough to remember vinyl LPs. We would stack 45’s on the top of the cradle and it would automatically drop the single onto the turntable after each one finished. At the time we were in awe of the technology.

At the time word was travelling around the playground – I realise now this was viral marketing – that certain records when played backwards revealed satanic messages. Stuff like, oh I can’t remember, “Satan is not really a bad chap”, and “If you see lucifer at the seaside buy him an ice cream.” It was a long time ago. But you get the idea.

So we would get out the Albums and go through each one checking for evil instruction. We never found any of course, although I was sure on a Jimi Hendrix record there was a “Eat more wheatgerm”, message.

What has this to do with search engine optimisation?

Social media marketing

The Talent of Persuading Social Tribes is more effective than pure SEO

Image above added 2016, the rest written 9 years ago.

SEO is persuasion.

We live in a world of persuasion.

Our attention is constantly being sought after. I see SEO as a tactical way to persuade someone to pay attention to a piece of information.

Once I have their attention I want the person to perform an action, click an advert, add to rss feed, leave an email or even just click through to another site. Whatever is required.

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New Mybloglog stats hack

Rob over at yackyack has been busy putting some interesting tools together for Mybloglog users. Although in his words it’s “pretty basic”, he is going to be upgrading the stat system over time.

I like what he is doing with it and his system is one to watch out for.

Yackyack stats

I see more hacks and services to do with Mybloglog on the horizon. Hopefully the guys at Mybloglog will embrace them.

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How to get Darren Rowse to read your blog

David Ogilvy, the writer of Confessions of an Advertising Man. Wrote about a bet between George Dyer and Max Hart.

Dyer bet Hart he could write a newspaper page of solid type and Hart would read every word of it. The bet stemmed from an arguement over long copy vs short copy.

The bet was accepted and Dyer told Hart he didn’t even have to write one word to prove his point. He only has to say the headline. Which was.

Social media marketing

Popping the Digg Cherry

So we had our first Digg over at Web Design Book. Although I cannot claim to have wrote it, it followed a brainstorming session Rich and I had about social media optimisation and the best way to approach it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Social media marketing

The single most important factor in getting to rank

Tropical SEO
“Getting high quality editorial links is currently the single most important factor in getting a site to rank.”

I would have to agree with Andy Hagens. Getting links from authoratative websites and blogs within your industry is the best way to climb those search engine ranking pages.

Yeah sure, getting the right keyword in your domain and url is important. Look at what happened to Cornwall SEO. This site is number one in Google for the search term “cornwall seo”.

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Widget Love

I thought I would mess around with my widget. is the result.

If you join the Wigdet Love community your Mybloglog pic will appear and people can click through to see who you are.

At the time of writing no one has joined so it’s just a blank page, as more people join it will fill with handsome faces from the Blogging community.

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6 Cool Mybloglog Hacks

I love Mybloglog. Sure I may love another social networking site next week, but that’s besides the point.

I’ve been having a good chat with Rob over at Yackyack about the implications of privacy and possible hack jobs.

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Analysis of the front page of Digg

A lot of people slag off Digg because it’s a bunch of kids who use it. Grown ups use it too, but whether or not they are actually grown up is debatable. I include myself.

Getting a story on the front page of Digg is a big deal these days, it can do wonders for your ego and your bank balance if managed correctly.

So I made a screenshot of what was on Digg this morning, sourced from and wrote up what I thought would be going on in the mind of a Digger.

These are not my thoughts regarding the headline, rather the thoughts I think a Digger would have.

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Do we need 5 SEO Digg clones?

For those who don’t know, you can start a Digg clone in about 30 mins using open source sofware called Pligg. Now I know they are not exact Digg clones, I call them that because there is not a better term for them and it’s the quickest way for people to understand what they are. Signs and signifiers people.

Because it’s so easy to set up they are erupting like boils on a 13 year old teenage sugar fiend. So far I have found 5 Pliggs based on search or SEO.

Only John Battelle’s Pligg seems to be attached to a current community and has sent me quite a bit of traffic, although John Battelle’s Search mob is not strictly seo rather it deals with the whole subject of search. The other four are all great, but the problem is community or lack of.

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Why Linkbait is a waste of time

Linkbait seems to have cropped up in 2005, Nick Wilson has the earliest mention of the term I have found, although I have not looked that hard. The point of this post is not to detail the history of linkbait, nor how to do linkbait or even what is linkbait.

There are far better people than me to go into that lot.

Let’s take it from another angle.

You’re at a dinner party and someone says “You know, I really think George Bush is actually quite bright”. Everyone stops talking, mouths are open, everyone stares at the speaker. Of course, you may not find the statement that shocking, but here in the UK it would be quite a bombshell.

The dinner party then descends into a somewhat heated debate about silver spoons, Harvard and Neo-Conservatism, amongst other things.

If it was on the web they would label it linkbait.

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Messing around with the Mybloglog widget.

As you can see I have been messing with the Myblogwidget

I have been having an interesting conversation with Rob over at about the whole Mybloglog widget thing, it’s interesting stuff, check it out. Whilst you’re add it add Rob as a contact and join his community, he’s a cool dude.