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What is the Human Edited Directory?

It’s an organised collection of high quality websites that are judged such by an expert in website publishing.

You mean it’s just a directory?

It is a directory, but it’s a lot more than that. We have a very clever backend using ajax and other funky stuff that enables a superb search experience.

But it’s still juet a directory right?

Yes, but we are aiming to make the best directory around, with a focus on user experience.

I was told directories are dead, is this true, isn’t content marketing the new thing?

Saying things are “dead”, works great in a blog post or a conference talk but the truth is most things that are called dead are actually not. Usually it means they have ceased to be fashionable, like top 10 lists, infographics, guest posting and even SEO. In fact the amount of SEO is dead blog posts that exists would fill a small elephant.

But aren’t directories old fashioned?

Yes, they do have the image of not being sexy, but they still do what they claim to do in promoting websites. It’s no more than curating high quality web assets to enable the user to find what they need to find quickly and with the minimum of fuss. In the old days people would throw up crappy directories on lapsed domains that have a link domain authority left. But these were the bad old days and such tactics do not work any more.

So how is this directory different?

We reject a lot of sites that would get listed on lessor directories, this keep our collection of sites high quality and that is important if we want to get repeat visits and shares on social media.

But isn’t selling links bad.

It is yes, but we don’t sell links. Although our links are dofollow because they have been human reviewed to be worthy and high quality. We follow the Google guidelines as we all want the same thing, to make the web a great place to navigate and get to the stuff that is important in a positive way.

Do you take Paypal?


Can I pay manually through my bank?

Yes, contact me for details, admin@www.cornwallseo.com

Do you do discounts for bulk orders, I have a number of clients who would like this?

Yes, we give discounts if you have a number of websites to submit, get in touch admin@www.cornwallseo.com

Do you promote the directory to keep it fresh?

Yes, we create blog posts, and promote over social media. We add new sites nearly every day, but we may be having a break on Christmas Day.

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