What does a web directory do?

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A web directory has two objectives:

  • Helping people find solutions in the form of information found on websites.
  • Helping websites promote themselves.

Lets face it, directories have a bad name in the world of internet marketing, even the so called best ones seem to link to websites that have been rejected by any level of user experience rating.

This is because they have focussed too much on the website promotion and not enough on the user experience. Not only that but they became a slave to passing on link equity to the site ranked on Google. All this changed of course with the recent Google updates that were designed to make the search results pages more relevant and useful to the user.

I think this has opened up a space for a new type of directory which focusses on the user experience more than the promotion of the website. Of course the two go hand in hand, if lots of people use the directory then it increases the promotion power of the websites listed within it.

This is the direction I want this, the Human Edited Directory to go in.

The software technology and advances in the understanding of user experience enables a framework to be built which hosts the information. The actual information must be such that it solves the problem of the user, which is why only sites that pass this test.

Most SEOs ask about “Is it a dofollow and what is the DA?“, which are sensible questions for the SEO to ask, but it’s only part of the mix. The answer is yes and a DA of 44 as of writing. But with the power of social media, this power is reduced from what it was 8 years ago when this website started.

To take advantage of the power of social media, fresh blog posts, Tweets and Facebook posts will be created to talk about the new sites listed and the ones that are newsworthy.

The more I look into the benefit of the website directory, the more I find it interesting and the more I realise it is an under utilised tools in the web marketing mix.

There is a fee of only £150 for a permanent listing, which enables time to be invested in the review of the website listed and continuing promotion of the directory.

Get your site listed early and ask about our bulk discount.

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