Not Really a Top Ten Tips on How to Make Money Online with G+

I remember when Twitter started and I was following/being followed by about 200-300. The signal to noise ratio was very high. Because you couldn’t add pictures/video/music into the stream there was little distraction. Things were focussed on the the business of SEO and Social Media Manipulation. All good stuff. Of course the “drinking coffee” Tweets […]

12 Skills of the Rand

When I read the The 12 Skills That Have Served Me Best in My SEO Career I immediately thought, “good stuff, must twitter”. Wrong, wrong wrong. Posting on my blog helps by: Building my blog Giving SEOmoz a link that is better than the link from twitter Reaching people who do not Twitter Avoiding overlap […]

Short is not simple, it’s essential

Should we twitter like we blog and blog like we twitter? Is brevity needed to cut through the information haze? If my twitter stream becomes a stream of consciousness, my blog can be more like my twitter stream used to be. I’m shortening my blog posts Reducing the amount of links in my twitter stream […]

Feed your Friends, Starve your Enemies

It’s an ancient tactic and one which works online as much as anywhere else, even more so. When someone links to this blog with content above a certain quality threshold I will Stumble, Sphinn, Delicious that content. I may even Twitter if the content is appropriate. The reason being is to boost the power and […]

Analysis of an SEO story going Viral on Twitter

I tweeted, The Future of seo. From one of the UK’s top seo companies, The following retweeted the story. Catnboots lloydcooke webaddict mimojito tyno BWelford Bukowsky notifyneal casspa The total number of followers these account represents around 21,000 people. Is there going to overlap, as in the same person following twice? Probably. Are everyone […]

How Many Laptops do you Have?

A lot of people have said that twitter is a great place to get content, feedback, etc. So, I realised I had too many laptops, I have four and thinking about getting a Macbook. So I aksed on twitter, How many laptops do you have? I instantly got a bunch of replies which I have […]

Twitters Tools – The Story So Far

30+ Very Useful Twitter Tools You Must Be Aware Of Twitter Toolbox 60+ tools Twitter Toolbox 2 140+ tools The complete ‘must have’ Twitter tools list Twitter Tools for Community and Communications Professionals 10 Twitter Tools Top Twitter Tools 5 Great Twitter Tool List Ultimate guide to Twitter tools and resources for journalists

563,456 Top Twitter Tools Reviewed

Have you noticed there is a fashion to blog about twitter tools these days, but instead of including 3 or 4, you have to wade through 50 or 60. Most in a list fashion with no real indicator of the usefulness of the tool. You would have more chance getting links to the post if […]

What My Twitter Followers Talk About

It seems like there is a new Twitter service every time I sit down at computer. Here’s a new one, Twitter Sheep, it gives you a tag cloud of words which are being used by your twitter followers. Very interesting for finding keywords. Here are a list of keywords my followers use. strategist new addict […]