Who cares that you like Digg – Stumbleupon – Reddit – Delicious, best

It confuses me when people in my industry start talking about their personal preference when it comes to content tagging sites.

Why get so excited about how much you like the colours on digg than reddit and other such nonsense.

In my industry we deal in eyeballs, offering up your personal opinion about your emotional connection about systems like digg may give you pink fluffies. But seriously, who cares?

We are dealers in eyeballs, getting people to go to websites is what we do.

Tony Montana had good advice to say about this.

Tony Montana
Tony Montana

“Don’t get high on your own supply”

If you watched Scarface you will know what happens when you do become a user.

Much better to be a dealer than a user.

There are of course reasons why such expressions of emotional love about a website could be useful. If you are trying to attract the addicts of such systems and try to position yourself as their dealer.

Better to stick to data about how these systems can reach your objective.